Internet test

Broadband speed and performance

Prior to SamKnows, consumers wishing to learn more about their broadband performance had rely upon web based speed tests or load software onto their PC’s. Both are considered as “useful tools, but unreliable” by the industry experts and government regulators. SamKnows, as a group of consumers, set out to create a more accurate broadband performance measurement system.

This all started with Sam Crawford, in his bedroom, in London, when he set out to create a secret sauce. The SamKnows solution has now been adopted by hardware manufacturers around the world, including Netgear and deployed by leading ISPs and Governments, who see SamKnows as the global leader in broadband performance measurement. Below is an excerpt from one of our White Papers, drafted for the American government:

SamKnows was founded to provide accurate broadband monitoring over the “last mile” from the home network to the ISP—the so-called “broadband monitoring gap”. Prior to SamKnows, network monitoring solutions only existed either as software on a home user’s PC, or at the ISP network level, with no ability to constantly monitor network performance between the home user’s router and the demarcation point. The chart below shows this structure:

Broadband Performance
Ad hoc testing for home users Enterprise network monitoring
Software installed locally on a home user’s PC, or web based speed tests. Enterprise level hardware network monitoring solutions installed by the ISPs on their networks.
These solutions cannot monitor a network constantly These solutions are excellent at monitoring an ISP's
and, due to panel recruitment issues are impossible to aggregate into reliable data. core network capability but, since they do not extend beyond a user’s home network router, they are not able to monitor the performance of the home user's connection over the critical "last mile".