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Enterprise-grade measurement technology

Over the past three years SamKnows has been working with regulators, academics and ISPs to develop what is now recognised as the standard methodology and technology for measuring broadband performance. Whilst access to this technology has been limited to those consumers lucky enough to be selected for one of our regulator sponsored projects, we have been working with a number of ISPs and manufacturers to make this technology available to any consumer, by releasing a Whitebox that can be purchased directly by the consumer.

We will also be releasing a firmware that can be flashed directly onto a compatible router, for the more tech savvy consumers.

In both cases the Whitebox can be used in either the home or office to measure broadband performance and provide you with an accurate record of your ISP's performance, which can be used to monitor your SLA and help troubleshoot any line performance issues.

If you are interested in either purchasing a Whitebox or downloading the firmware, please leave your details below and we will contact you when the first Whiteboxes go on sale and the firmware is made available for release. In both cases, there is no cost to the consumer for using the service. Our goal is to enable as many consumers as possible to accurately measure broadband performance.

Let me know when first Whiteboxes go on sale.