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Availability checker changes

18 Jun 2007 | 23.13 Europe/London
Two changes have been made to the availability checker today. Firstly, AOL LLU data has now been fully incorporated in to the checker (and the rest of the site). The checker will now report whether or not AOL has unbundled your exchange. Similarly, you can view this information on your exchange page as well.

Sadly, the second change to the checker is less positive. Due to a request from BT Wholesale (citing the Data Protection Act), I've had to remove the sentence detailing the current products installed on the phone line (e.g. ADSL, LLU, DACS, ISDN). Now a single generic catch-all is used to cover all such products. BT removed the same data from their own public checker over two years ago. If you are still looking for information about the products installed on your BT line, you might like to look at the Prodigy Networks checker. No other parts of the checker are affected by this change.

Version 3.x API users utilising the "linestate" option (and there was just a handful of such users) should have already received an email regarding this change.