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NTL and BT set to increase broadband speeds

29 Oct 2004 | 08.02 Europe/London
In the past few days we've heard rumours of NTL boosting their maximum broadband speed from 1.5Mbps to 3Mbps.

Delayed RFS date for Sambrook

21 Oct 2004 | 17.18 Europe/London
Sambrook in Shropshire has become the latest exchange to fall foul of duct blockages.

Delayed RFS date for Thurlaston

18 Oct 2004 | 13.35 Europe/London
This afternoon brings some bad news for the residents of Thurlaston, as they are the latest exchange to suffer a delay to their RFS date.

Further RFS date changes

01 Oct 2004 | 22.15 Europe/London
BT Wholesale have today announced a further six Ready For Service date improvements. One of particular interest (partly because it is very local to me) is the