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Another batch of RFS date changes

22 Dec 2004 | 21.34 Europe/London
Another day, another load of RFS changes! The news for all but three of the following exchanges is bad I'm afraid.

RFS date changes

21 Dec 2004 | 00.14 Europe/London
This week heralds some good news for six exchanges and bad news for a further two.

The two exchanges which have had their RFS dates slip are as follows:

Exchange Old RFS date New RFS date

Five exchanges enabled for SDSL early

21 Dec 2004 | 00.07 Europe/London
Five exchanges have been enabled for SDSL service 3 months ahead of schedule. Burton On Trent, Leicester, Luton, Scunthorpe and Tunbridge Wells were all enabled for BT's SDSL offerings a week ago on December 13th.

Easynet to offer LLUStream

16 Dec 2004 | 13.03 Europe/London
Easynet are to offer LLUStream via their network of LLU exchanges - list

Bulldog quietly enable more exchanges

06 Dec 2004 | 09.21 Europe/London
Bulldog have silently unbundled an additional 23 exchanges recently. Whilst their Bulldog4 service is no longer available for purchase, it does mean that their integrated phone and internet packages are more widely available around London.

BT release further SDSL RFS dates

06 Dec 2004 | 09.12 Europe/London
BT Wholesale have announced a further 76 SDSL RFS dates, meaning that by the end of March next year, there will be 300 BT SDSL enabled exchanges in the UK.