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LLU coverage grows further still

30 May 2004 | 23.20 Europe/London
Both Easynet and Bulldog have increased their number of unbundled exchanges recently.

Standon Rock RFS delayed

30 May 2004 | 10.14 Europe/London
Standon Rock in Staffordshire has become the latest exchange to have it's RFS date delayed.

The exchange was due to go live on June 2nd (Wednesday), but a blockage in some of the ducting has delayed the fibre-optic cable installation.

PlusNet launches new capacity-charging based products

30 May 2004 | 09.32 Europe/London
The Sheffield based ISP PlusNet have launched a

Telewest Broadband provide coverage data

28 May 2004 | 13.34 Europe/London
Telewest Broadband, whose Blueyonder service provides some 498,000 users with broadband access, have now supplied us with complete coverage data for their services.

Cable and Wireless acquires Bulldog Communications

28 May 2004 | 09.01 Europe/London
Cable and Wireless have announced this morning that they have purchased Bulldog Communications for £18.

RFS dates for today (27th May 2004)

27 May 2004 | 23.43 Europe/London
BT have this evening released a further 9 RFS dates, as well as 18 of improved dates. The 9 new RFS dates are as follows:

Annbank 31/08/2005
Carradale 31/08/2005
Carron 31/08/2005
Dunure 31/08/2005
Kiltarlity 31/08/2005
Lockerbie 31/08/2005
Bow 31/08/2005
Stow 31/08/2005
St Mawes 27/07/2005

The 18 improved RFS dates are as follows:

Portscatho 28/07/2004
Boat Of Garten 31/08/2005
Killin 31/08/2005
Kilmun 31/08/2005
Kippen 31/08/2005
Letham (Angus) 31/08/2005
Muckhart 31/08/2005
Muthill 31/08/2005
Oxton 31/08/2005
Portmahomack 31/08/2005
Portree 31/08/2005
Powerstock 31/08/2005
Salen 31/08/2005
Skeabost Bridge 31/08/2005
Spey Bay 31/08/2005
Stanley 31/08/2005
Tobermory 31/08/2005
Whitehills 31/08/2005

This now leaves only

Datastream price cuts and itemised broadband billing

27 May 2004 | 11.44 Europe/London
BT have announced a wholesale reduction in Datastream pricing of £1 per month. The change, effective as of June 1st, means that ISP's will now be charged £74.

Athelstaneford RFS date delayed

26 May 2004 | 10.39 Europe/London
The residents of Athelstaneford (East Lothian, Scotland) were expecting to be able to receive broadband ADSL shortly after their RFS date of June 2nd .

LTT launch 4Mbps symmetric service

24 May 2004 | 09.29 Europe/London
LTT Broadband, the wireless provider covering areas in West Kent and East Sussex, have now launched their new 4Mbps symmetric broadband product.

Update on the capacity information

19 May 2004 | 00.48 Europe/London
Following the issues from last week, I am now using an alternative source for my new

Northern Ireland and Scottish Islands RFS dates

18 May 2004 | 12.50 Europe/London
Every exchange in Northern Ireland is now either enabled or has a RFS date.

ISDN users in Milton Keynes given hope

17 May 2004 | 11.10 Europe/London
Following the news that BT will be excluding those with ISDN and Home Highway from the Milton Keynes trial, the Milton Keynes Broadband Action Group has released the results of another

BT slips 3 more SDSL exchanges into the mix

16 May 2004 | 22.29 Europe/London
BT have recently installed SDSL services in a further three exchanges in the UK, bringing the national total to

Easynet LLU coverage expands

15 May 2004 | 04.11 Europe/London
Just when you thought you couldn't possibly fit any more LLU news into one week, Easynet goes and unbundles another set of exchanges!

Until very recently Easynet have been operating with 149 unbundled telephone exchanges.

HomeChoice to increase LLU coverage

15 May 2004 | 02.12 Europe/London
The Register is reporting that HomeChoice, the LLU provider who offer digital TV and broadband internet over a DSL line, is to further expand its coverage.

Telewest complete their 50% faster upgrade

15 May 2004 | 02.02 Europe/London
Telewest have now confirmed that users of their Blueyonder cable internet service have completed their

Exchange capacity data issues

14 May 2004 | 21.52 Europe/London
Long-time readers of this site will know that I strive to bring the best possible data to the site. This does of course include making sure that the presented data is accurate.

RFS dates for today (14th May 2004)

14 May 2004 | 18.55 Europe/London
BT have just released a fresh batch of 24 RFS dates. We were expecting all 60 today, although these have not yet materialised.

RFS dates for today (13th May 2004)

13 May 2004 | 19.57 Europe/London
BT Wholesale have just released a further 28 RFS dates. The remaining exchanges which have either triggered or were included in the list of 42 above 90%, will have their RFS dates released tomorrow.

Cable broadband coverage

13 May 2004 | 13.44 Europe/London
Long-time readers of the site will know that I have been trying to get coverage data from the two cable broadband providers in the UK (NTL and Telewest for those who don't know!) for some time now.

Site developments

13 May 2004 | 10.57 Europe/London
As some of you may have noticed, I've introduced a couple of new features on the site in the past day or so.

BT Wholesale slashes LLU charges

13 May 2004 | 08.29 Europe/London
This morning

List of ISP's particpating in the Milton Keynes trial released

11 May 2004 | 00.02 Europe/London
A preliminary list of the ISP's that will be taking orders for the Milton Keynes trial has been released by the

Update from the Milton Keynes trial

07 May 2004 | 21.04 Europe/London
As a part of the Milton Keynes extended reach trial, BT will be providing regular correspondance to the

RFS dates for today (7th May 2004)

07 May 2004 | 20.19 Europe/London
As promised yesterday, BT have delivered another batch of RFS dates today. This brings the weeks total to 94 dates in total.

Exchange capacity information for enabled exchanges

07 May 2004 | 01.30 Europe/London
As many of you have already noticed, last night I added a new section of information to the exchange pages (specifically for ADSL enabled exchanges).

RFS dates for today (6th May 2004)

06 May 2004 | 22.20 Europe/London

PCCW launches 3.4Ghz wireless broadband service

06 May 2004 | 12.14 Europe/London
UK Broadband, a wholly-owned subsidary of PCCW, have launched their wireless broadband service.

Further SDSL rollout?

06 May 2004 | 08.57 Europe/London
Word on the street this morning is that BT are going to be enabling a further 150 exchanges for SDSL in the near future.

Brief update

05 May 2004 | 14.49 Europe/London
Site modifications

As some of you will have noticed, I've made some relatively small changes to the site.