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'Plan and Build' RFS dates released

30 Jun 2004 | 08.40 Europe/London
BT have now released the complete list of 1045 RFS dates, and also a further 63 improved dates.

Initial reports of the the broadband rollout announcement

30 Jun 2004 | 07.18 Europe/London
Whilst the list of RFS dates is not yet available, the BT press release for it has just hit my inbox.

Reminder for tomorrow...

29 Jun 2004 | 14.14 Europe/London
Given the number of emails I have received recently about the planned rollout scheme, I thought it would be good idea to post some of the questions and answers here.

Two more exchanges suffer RFS delays

23 Jun 2004 | 18.34 Europe/London
Two exchanges in Wales have become the latest to fall foul of delays in Ready For Service dates. Trefnant and Caerwys have had their dates moved to the 28th July.

TPON copper overlay update

22 Jun 2004 | 19.24 Europe/London
Given BT Wholesale's fast approaching planned rollout announcement (due June 30th by the way!), and the very successful Milton Keynes extended reach trial, it is all too easy to forget about those with TPON lines.

Win half price ADSL for a year!

15 Jun 2004 | 11.07 Europe/London
UK-Bug have teamed up with NDO to offer a competition for half-price broadband for a year.

BT cuts IPStream regrade prices

11 Jun 2004 | 12.30 Europe/London
Following the migration price cuts that came into effect on the 1st May, BT have now reduced the pricing for regrades between IPStream products.

Long reach trial extended to areas in Scotland

09 Jun 2004 | 14.10 Europe/London
I have just received news that Fort William and

Follow-up to the 21st century network article

09 Jun 2004 | 12.09 Europe/London
Following the presentation this morning by BT Wholesale (slides available

BT spell out plans for their 21st century network

09 Jun 2004 | 10.00 Europe/London
British Telecom have today announced that they will be trialing PSTN to VoIP transformations at 18 exchanges in South East London, Kent and East Anglia.

Liberia to launch 36Mbps wireless service in London

08 Jun 2004 | 15.59 Europe/London
Liberia, a new company launched this afternoon at VON Europe, will trial 36Mbps wireless broadband access in London's Docklands area this summer.

Milton Keynes trial gets off to a flying start

07 Jun 2004 | 03.39 Europe/London
BT's extended reach trial in Milton Keynes has seen its first adopters last week, and the response so far seems to be very positive.

New Standon Rock and Tideswell RFS dates

03 Jun 2004 | 14.45 Europe/London
BT have now released new RFS dates for Standon Rock and Tideswell. These exchanges were due to go live on June 2nd, but were

NTL to invest €100 million in its Irish network

03 Jun 2004 | 14.34 Europe/London
NTL have today announced plans to upgrade their cable network in Ireland by the end of 2006.

BT launches two-way satellite service

03 Jun 2004 | 13.10 Europe/London
The Register is reporting that BT have launched a wholesale two-way satellite service.

LTT expand wireless coverage

03 Jun 2004 | 08.26 Europe/London
LTT Broadband, the company which recently launched a 4Mbps symmetric wireless service, has increased its wireless coverage in the South East region.

All Scottish communities to receive broadband by the end of 2005

01 Jun 2004 | 21.48 Europe/London
The Scottish Executive has today announced that it will be providing affordable broadband to all Scottish communities by the end of 2005.

HomeChoice forced to cut service from 21 exchanges

01 Jun 2004 | 21.47 Europe/London
HomeChoice, the ISP that provides video-on-demand services over DSL lines, has recently told users on 21 exchanges in exchanges in London that their service will cease as of June 30th.

Eclipse Internet launch FLEX broadband

01 Jun 2004 | 12.39 Europe/London
Eclipse Internet have today launched a new range of ADSL services that offer flexible bandwidth to end users.