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More RFS slippages and improvements

28 Sep 2004 | 23.19 Europe/London
Another week, another list of RFS changes. The good news is that the number of improvements outweigh the number of delays.

BT trims LLU costs even further

23 Sep 2004 | 17.48 Europe/London
The Register is carrying the news that BT Wholesale have dropped their LLU prices again this year.

Great Smeaton RFS delay

23 Sep 2004 | 17.08 Europe/London
Unfortunately for the residents of Great Smeaton, a backhaul cabling shortage has meant that their RFS date has been delayed.

LLU is the flavour of the month

20 Sep 2004 | 20.00 Europe/London
HomeChoice, Easynet, Bulldog and now NTL have all issued announcements about new LLU rollouts this month.

RFS slippages and improvements

13 Sep 2004 | 07.48 Europe/London
Today sees the shuffling of a further seven RFS dates. Four of these changes are significant improvements to the original RFS date set.

Availability checker web services documentation

08 Sep 2004 | 17.49 Europe/London
In recent months I have been developing an availability checker backend interface that can be used by other sites to provide their own availability checker.

New ADSL limits take effect

06 Sep 2004 | 07.01 Europe/London
Shortly before seven o'clock this morning, BT updated their online systems for the new ADSL line limits.

A word of caution about ordering for the new limits

05 Sep 2004 | 12.45 Europe/London
Tomorrow is the day that the new ADSL limits are put in to effect, allowing a further 1 million people to be able to access ADSL broadband.

A couple more RFS date slippages

05 Sep 2004 | 11.42 Europe/London
With BT's busiest exchange-enabling month now behind us, we should see a decline in the number of delays occuring.

UK-Bug's birthday competition

01 Sep 2004 | 21.48 Europe/London
The UK Broadband Usergroup are celebrating their first birthday in style by offering a years free subscription to

BT shuffles a few more RFS dates

01 Sep 2004 | 08.57 Europe/London
BT Wholesale have been forced to move a further three RFS dates back due to cabling issues. However, they have been able to move one exchanges date forward as well.