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Orange leaking subscribers, Virgin Media buoyed by results

30 Oct 2009 | 19.31 Europe/London
Internet service provider Orange, which operates a broadband business that used to be one of the UK's biggest, has just revealed its still losing subscribers at an alarming rate.

TalkTalk threatens to court Government over three-strikes

29 Oct 2009 | 22.42 Europe/London
Now the Government's put a timetable in place for its plans to disconnect persistent online pirates, one ISP is considering a counter-attack that could see more than individual file-shares up in court.

Mandelson: ISPs and rights holders will share cost of '3 strikes and out'

28 Oct 2009 | 19.43 Europe/London
Lord Mandelson confirmed today in Cabinet that the controversial ‘three strikes and out’ policy to tackle internet piracy is to go ahead with the new revelations that ISPs and rights holders will share the cost of enforcement.

Piracy isn't stopping record sales

27 Oct 2009 | 21.11 Europe/London
The industry body representing the UK's record companies has just announced this is already the "biggest ever year" for sales of singles in Britain.

Profile: Andrew Saunders explains Zen's wholesale push

27 Oct 2009 | 11.56 Europe/London
Business ISPs who rely on selling internet access alone are not in a good position to tap in to future growth, warns Andrew Saunders, Head of Product Management and Marketing at Zen Internet.

Immobile Internet?

26 Oct 2009 | 22.46 Europe/London
With mobile data traffic set to increase twenty-five fold by 2012, our mobile networks could soon be overloaded.

Bouncing off the paywalls

23 Oct 2009 | 21.11 Europe/London
American video-on-demand service Hulu, hotly tipped to be coming to the UK to partner with ITV, is the latest media outlet to announce it's considering charging for content.

France takes a hard line on piracy

23 Oct 2009 | 13.32 Europe/London
France has passed the controversial “Hadopi” law, which will allow authorities to disconnect persistent illegal filesharers from the internet.

Raising the bar to 20Mbit/s

22 Oct 2009 | 21.29 Europe/London
A host of internet service providers are upping their top speeds to 20Mbit/s. ISPs Orange, Plusnet and Zen Internet have all announced they're raising their respective bars over the past few days. campaigns TalkTalk

21 Oct 2009 | 15.57 Europe/London
TalkTalk is taking its already-vocal opposition to Lord Mandelson’s plans to disconnect persistent illegal downloaders a step further today with

Broadband for all: lessons from Finland

21 Oct 2009 | 13.30 Europe/London
While British politicians wrangle over the legal meaning of

Disconnection won't be "willy nilly"

20 Oct 2009 | 22.11 Europe/London
The culture secretary has revealed the Government is stepping back from its new tough stance on illegal file-swapping, following widespread outcry against the move.

BBC Trust blocks Open iPlayer... for now

20 Oct 2009 | 13.43 Europe/London
The BBC Trust today turned down plans for the BBC to share the iPlayer among a ‘Federation’ of public service broadcasters – namely, ITV, Channel 4 and Five.

Government pushing mobile, Opposition to pull broadband tax

19 Oct 2009 | 19.59 Europe/London
As progress is made on one of the Digital Britain proposals, it's emerged that if the current Government loses the next election another will be abandoned "as soon as possible.

France: full speed ahead for monster municipal fibre project

19 Oct 2009 | 12.32 Europe/London
The European Commission has given the green light to the largest ever government-backed fibre-to-the-home project in Europe.

MPs tell ISPs to filter web: ISPs say, erm, we already do!

16 Oct 2009 | 11.36 Europe/London
A report from the All Party Parliamentary Commons Group (Appcom) which calls on ISPs to filter the Net for malware and to put child-protection on mobile devices has met with some bemusement among internet providers.

TalkTalk: disconnection plans punish the innocent

15 Oct 2009 | 21.00 Europe/London
Peter Mandelson's plans to crack down on illegal file-sharing have a critical flaw, according to a senior exec.

Profile: IP Vision’s Peter Cox says Sky deal puts paint on their canvas

15 Oct 2009 | 15.34 Europe/London
Getting a deal to put Sky Player on its IP Vision’s Fetch TV set top box is a coup which its Business and Marketing Director, Peter Cox, believes will show it is doing what Canvas is talking about, only right here and now.

Legal right to broadband in Finland

14 Oct 2009 | 20.26 Europe/London
Finland has become the first country in the world to declare broadband access a universal right for all its citizens.

Switch on to switch off, save

13 Oct 2009 | 13.08 Europe/London
Two studies released today are highlighting the scale of the economic and social impact Internet access can have in the UK.

Portugal gets 1 Gigabit broadband

13 Oct 2009 | 09.22 Europe/London
Keeping a promise it made back in August, Portugese cable TV operator ZON has launched a commercial

24% of UK intimidated by web

12 Oct 2009 | 23.48 Europe/London
Across the UK almost one in four is a "timid technophobe" - and the percentage is highest in the north east of England.

Sky blasts Canvas.... again!

12 Oct 2009 | 17.52 Europe/London
In a second submission to the BBC Trust Sky has again accused the publicly funded broadcaster of “riding a coach and horses” through the embryonic market for online television.

Belgium to require fibre to new homes

12 Oct 2009 | 11.36 Europe/London
In what appears to be a first for Europe, Belgium has announced that by 2010 all new building permits in the country will require the installation of duct for fibre.

BT doubles fibre to home target

12 Oct 2009 | 09.02 Europe/London
BT has announced the roll out of its (up to 100Mb) fibre to the home (FTTH) network will reach twice as many homes as previously estimated.

Analysis: Broadband Quality Study

11 Oct 2009 | 14.18 Europe/London
The Global Broadband Quality Study produced by Oxford's Said Business School and the University of Oviedo generated a number of headlines, mainly around what place in the "league table" was occupied by the UK.

Collapse of UK Internet Greatly Exaggerated

11 Oct 2009 | 10.54 Europe/London
The online streaming of last night's World Cup football match appeared to pass without incident, despite the predictions of doom.

TalkTalk: mobile broadband has peaked

08 Oct 2009 | 20.11 Europe/London
The UK’s biggest residential ISP has just posted it’s first trading statement since it acquired its former rival Tiscali.

The CLA's War on Everything

07 Oct 2009 | 20.17 Europe/London
When commenting on Government initiatives, the mainstream media can almost invariably summon something called the "Taxpayers Alliance" into being to provide a negative comment and tell the public exactly why they should be angry their hard-earned tax monies are being so unjustly squandered.

Not spot-light thrown on mobile networks

06 Oct 2009 | 20.31 Europe/London
A new report's been released that highlights the problems consumers and small businesses are having with their mobile operators.

Profile: Sky's Twitter correspondent, Ruth Barnett, says post no gimmick

06 Oct 2009 | 19.07 Europe/London
Sky appointed Ruth Barnett as the UK’s Twitter correspondent in April to mixed reactions. While many fans of the micro blogging site saw the move as a masterstroke there were some voices which suggested the move might have been a token stunt.

Online-only football match provides glimpse of IPTV future?

05 Oct 2009 | 20.36 Europe/London
A lot's been made by the mainstream media about the decision to screen an England international football match - a World Cup qualifier no less - exclusively on the Internet.

Testing times for O2 and BT

02 Oct 2009 | 19.38 Europe/London
Mobile phone operator O2's just announced it's going to start trialling what's being billed as a 4G network - and it could reach speeds of 340Mbit/s.

UK 25th in the world for broadband quality

01 Oct 2009 | 21.01 Europe/London
Broadband in the UK is "not fit for the future" and is only meeting the needs of today, according to a new joint study.