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From Wi-Fi to Why-Fine for pub owner

30 Nov 2009 | 21.38 Europe/London
The owner of a pub that doubles as a Wi-Fi hotspot has paid out £8,000 after someone illegally downloaded material subject to copyright laws on their premises.

Profile: Interoute's Lee Myall on enterprise leading govt on fibre roll out

30 Nov 2009 | 17.59 Europe/London
Businesses are driving fibre deployment across Europe at a far greater rate than governments. In fact, corporations and public institutions could even hold the key to widening the UK’s next generation footprint.

Greek FTTH plan is down but not out

30 Nov 2009 | 16.16 Europe/London
A change of government, the economy in recession, and a

Profile: Is Freerunner founder, Owen Geddes, the Robin Hood of Wi-Fi?

27 Nov 2009 | 17.20 Europe/London
More than 50 free Wi-Fi hotspots are due to be switched on in not-spot areas by a company based around the premise there is more to the technology than fleecing businessmen in airport lounges.

50p tax could add up to £21.15 per year according to leaked documents

26 Nov 2009 | 23.24 Europe/London
Leaked Government documents appear to reveal that the 50p levy on fixed lines intended to fund Britain's access to super-fast broadband could cost consumers more than previously thought.

Profile: Media lawyer, Patrick Gardiner, raises Digital Economy Bill concerns

25 Nov 2009 | 19.25 Europe/London
It is not only campaigners who are concerned by the anti-piracy measures included in the Digital Economy Bill, legal experts are also at a loss to explain how the government can sanction giving future ministers seemingly limitless powers.

Super-fast broadband in the "Digital Region" of 25Mbit/s

24 Nov 2009 | 23.17 Europe/London
After Swindon unveiled its "Digital City" initiative last week, even Wiltshire residents may be now wistfully looking over to South Yorkshire as the heart of its new Digital Region project goes live.

Spain warned on internet disconnections

24 Nov 2009 | 21.42 Europe/London
Opposition to three-strikes laws continues to grow. This week European Commissioner for Information Society and Media Vivane Reding

Rural community digging trenches in fight for next-gen broadband -- UPDATED

23 Nov 2009 | 23.32 Europe/London
The people of a remote village that they describe as "England's last wilderness" have started digging the trenches that'll grant them Next Generation Access (NGA) to broadband, meaning it'll be far from also being the country's last NGA not-spot.

Profile: RedKite's Graham McLean on why WiMax holds little hope for rural 'not-spots'

20 Nov 2009 | 15.45 Europe/London
WiMax will not be the wireless broadband saviour for the digital have-nots, according to CI-Net Managing Director Graham McLean.

Barriers to broadband: the American view

20 Nov 2009 | 12.32 Europe/London
How is it possible to achieve universal broadband adoption in a country of over 300 million people occupying around 10 million square km – the world’s third largest in terms of land area? That’s the scale of the problem facing the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the US telecoms regulator, which has been charged with delivering a national broadband plan to the US government by February of next year.

Queen's Speech: no talk of broadband tax

18 Nov 2009 | 23.33 Europe/London
The Queen's been giving Her annual address to Parliament, formally unveiling what will be the current Government's final legislative programme.

Spain plans universal broadband by 2011

18 Nov 2009 | 16.03 Europe/London
First Finland and now Spain have declared their intention to make broadband a legal right for all citizens.

Free web access for all in "Digital City"

17 Nov 2009 | 19.17 Europe/London
Free wireless Internet access is being offered everyone living in the Wiltshire town of Swindon. It's a million pound scheme, with the money coming from a mixture of public funds and private enterprise.

Profile: O2’s Peter Rampling on life after iPhone exclusivity

16 Nov 2009 | 16.40 Europe/London
Free home broadband and three months Sky Mobile TV are the baits O2 is to use this Christmas to defend against having to share the iPhone with Orange (and then Vodafone early next year).

Italian broadband plan gets a reprieve

13 Nov 2009 | 14.45 Europe/London
Italy released financial data today showing the country had exited recession, which could be good news for the 7.

BT, O2 revel in revealing customer gains

13 Nov 2009 | 00.13 Europe/London
BT Group and O2's parent company Telefónica have both just released their results for the past quarter.

Hollywood bosses call for 'three strikes'

11 Nov 2009 | 11.35 Europe/London
Hollywood movie studios are, for the first time, pressing Congress to pursue a ‘three strikes’ policy against internet pirates which could ultimately lead to disconnection for persistent offenders.

Europe, America legislate on net neutrality

10 Nov 2009 | 21.48 Europe/London
There’s no topic guaranteed to spark heated debate quite like net neutrality – a principle that, in rather simple terms, requires all kinds of web traffic to be treated equally, assuming it’s legal of course.

TalkTalk: new EU measures will force Government disconnection rethink

10 Nov 2009 | 21.28 Europe/London
One of the UK's biggest ISPs says a late amendment to an European Union agreement on telecoms regulations means it'll now be "almost impossible" for film studios and music labels to force ISPs to disconnect customers who are suspected of illegal files-sharing without obtaining a court order first.

Satellite firms could be high-flyers in Digital Britain

09 Nov 2009 | 22.51 Europe/London
The Government's signed up a UK satellite operator in a bid to help reach the Universal Service Commitment (USC) that was laid out in the Digital Britain report.

Timms: up to £200m for superfast Scots

06 Nov 2009 | 23.00 Europe/London

The Digital Britain minster's been speaking in Scotland, promising superfast broadband will bring an array of social, economic and health benefits to consumers and businesses across the country.

Sweden reveals new broadband ambition

05 Nov 2009 | 19.13 Europe/London
The Swedish government says it wants to provide 100 Mbps broadband connections to 90% of homes and businesses by 2020.

Broadband press stuck in a time-warp

04 Nov 2009 | 22.01 Europe/London
Several websites are reporting that the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has come out and said the Government is "stuck in a time-warp over broadband speeds.

World's best value broadband?

04 Nov 2009 | 14.02 Europe/London
This week, Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN)

£100m Canvas to cost BBC £16m or £24m

04 Nov 2009 | 12.39 Europe/London
The BBC has released figures detailing the anticipated cost of developing Canvas, an open platform standard for combining IPTV and Freeview it hopes to roll out commercially towards the end of next year.

Illegal file-sharers paying most for music online

03 Nov 2009 | 22.26 Europe/London
A new poll's revealed more money is being spent on legal downloads by illicit file-sharers than law-abiding folk.

New BitTorrent could save ISPs billions -- UPDATED

03 Nov 2009 | 00.08 Europe/London
A new BitTorrent program could be good for consumers and even, for a change, internet service providers.

Dunstone: 50p levy will cause 120,000 disconnections

02 Nov 2009 | 12.39 Europe/London
TalkTalk CEO, Charles Dunstone, is to tell the Government its proposed 50p levy on copper phone lines to fund ‘next generation’ broadband will backfire.