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Fed up with virtual pets? Adopt some code instead

30 Apr 2009 | 16.08 Europe/London
It may sound like something out of Matt Groening brain-child Futurama but open source video client Miro's come up with what could be a unique idea: letting you adopt a line of code.

Sky figures show near doubling of ‘triple play’ penetration

30 Apr 2009 | 12.29 Europe/London

Sky’s prediction it could persuade its television customer base to take up its triple play of satellite television, phone and broadband appear to be vindicated with strong growth figures released today for the nine months up to the end of March.

Spotify boss interviewed, stays schtum over PRS licence

30 Apr 2009 | 10.20 Europe/London
Paul Brown, Managing Director of the UK arm of Spotify, has given an interview to Media Guardian. As well as claiming that "a decent proportion" of subscribers have plumped for paying for their music streams, the company is looking at both mobile apps and rare content to boost their revenue.

English translation of Pirate Bay verdict sheds new light on case

29 Apr 2009 | 19.21 Europe/London
It's almost two weeks since the four members of

Home Office accused of "jaw dropping" Phorm "collusion"

28 Apr 2009 | 18.43 Europe/London
The Home Office has been accused of "colluding" with behaviour advertising firm Phorm after correspondence between the two was published.

Government scraps unified ‘Big Brother’ database – will ISPs pick up the bill instead?

28 Apr 2009 | 16.08 Europe/London

ISPs have reacted with guarded optimism to Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, pulling back on controversial plans to store all details of a subscriber’s web and email traffic on a single, unified database.

Britain's copyright chief says intellectual property's the key to getting the UK out of recession

27 Apr 2009 | 16.37 Europe/London

In last week's budget the Government committed to looking at the possibility of taxing intellectual property, which it sees as a means to the end of pulling the UK out of its economic hole.

BT Bundles Emerge

27 Apr 2009 | 08.04 Europe/London
BT has launched bundles of services following relaxation of constraints by OFCOM. Business and Residential bundles are offered, typically with 12, 18 or 24 month contracts and featuring various combinations of broadband, voice calls, line rental, TV and mobile services.

Ofcom warns Project Canvas may never get off the drawing board

24 Apr 2009 | 18.17 Europe/London
Project Canvas - the on-demand broadband TV collaboration between the BBC, BT and ITV - could run into exactly the same problems that saw Project Kangaroo mothballed, according to the UK's communications regulator.

Changes afoot in US as Obama and military go on cybersecurity warpath

23 Apr 2009 | 17.05 Europe/London
For US President Obama, cybersecurity is a national-security issue - up there with the threat of nuclear and biological weapons.

UK Government PCs amongst millions caught in global botnet

22 Apr 2009 | 18.00 Europe/London
Cyber criminals have taken over almost two million PCs in a worldwide botnet  - the name for a network of remotely controlled computers - including machines owned by the UK and US governments.

Budget Broadband Snippet

22 Apr 2009 | 15.20 Europe/London
Hidden away in the depths of budget detail is a "Digital Britain" snippet:
"The Budget today announces that the Government will pursue Universal Service in broadband at 2 Megabits per second alongside further support to promote broadband take-up and basic digital skills.

It's official: Carphone will demerge

22 Apr 2009 | 08.48 Europe/London

While the talk of flat markets was hardly surprising, the biggest news to come out of Carphone Warehouse’s Q4 trading update, released this morning, was confirmation the group will split its retail and telecoms operations.

Norwegian study claims that internet pirates buy more music than honest jons

21 Apr 2009 | 11.56 Europe/London
No sooner have the

Israeli ISP boosting speed of customer torrent downloads

20 Apr 2009 | 19.06 Europe/London
Throttling - or "traffic-shaping" as Internet Service Providers like to call it - is the usual route ISPs take to reduce BitTorrent traffic on their networks.

TalkTalk poaching Tiscali customers with three months free broadband

20 Apr 2009 | 16.07 Europe/London

TalkTalk has today announced a £50 incentive scheme to attract Tiscali customers concerned over the ISP’s future.

Fox, NBC and CBS look to fill vacuum left by Kangaroo's demise

20 Apr 2009 | 12.17 Europe/London

ITV’s Chief Executive Michael Grade’s warning that the British regulatory system could give American rivals an unfair advantage may be starting to be realised as both Hulu and TV.

Virgin Outsource Email To Google

20 Apr 2009 | 10.56 Europe/London
Virgin Media is to follow in Sky's footsteps by using Google's email services for its broadband customers.

The Pirate Bay: guilty verdict is not the end

17 Apr 2009 | 12.18 Europe/London
Four men representing The Pirate Bay have been sent to jail for a year and handed a bill for £2.4 million in damages after losing what could be a landmark piracy case.

American cable firm postpones pay-as-you-go broadband trials because of public outcry

16 Apr 2009 | 17.58 Europe/London
We all thought we'd left pay-as-you-go Internet behind back when we said goodbye to dial-up connections.

Russian file-sharers to go dancing in the streets ahead of Pirate Bay verdict

16 Apr 2009 | 12.01 Europe/London
BitTorrent users are being invited to a street party in the middle of Moscow this evening in support of The Pirate Bay - with the backing of the Russian government.

Amazon blocks Phorm but won't say why

15 Apr 2009 | 12.24 Europe/London
After news yesterday that

Skype challenges mobile networks as eBay prepares it for float

15 Apr 2009 | 12.08 Europe/London

It had people scratching their heads back in 2005 as to where the reported ‘synergies’ were and so news that eBay is to dispose of internet telephony business Skype next year is not entirely surprising.

UK goes to bottom of the Phorm as EU prepares to take it to court over privacy fears

14 Apr 2009 | 17.53 Europe/London
The European Commission has said it is going to take the UK to court over its failure to enforce european privacy and data protection laws — and it's all because of Phorm.

Conflicker goes phishing for credit card details with fake anti-virus software

14 Apr 2009 | 14.04 Europe/London
After Microsoft reported last week that

Miramax gives free film ticket to would-be torrent pirate

14 Apr 2009 | 12.38 Europe/London
Imagine there's a movie you can't wait to see. Imagine you go to your BitTorrent tracker of choice and it's not there.

US to start work on its own broadband strategy

10 Apr 2009 | 09.00 Europe/London

It may have been the first country to get a man on the moon but now America's playing catch-up in the national broadband stakes.

Facebook outlaws The Pirate Bay

09 Apr 2009 | 15.10 Europe/London

Facebook has blocked all links to The Pirate Bay, disconnecting users from the world's most popular social networking and file-sharing sites.

Virgin Media launches 'V Stuff' with free photo offer

09 Apr 2009 | 10.32 Europe/London

Virgin Media has launched its ‘V Stuff’ suite of broadband subscriber features with the announcement of a new, inclusive back up service which allows customers to set up online photo albums and order up to 100 prints per month for free.

29p music tracks could herald price war

08 Apr 2009 | 15.00 Europe/London
Amazon has slashed the price of some of its bestselling MP3s in a move that’s being seen as the first real challenge to Apple's dominance of the online music market.

Microsoft says fear could be leaving people vulnerable to viruses

08 Apr 2009 | 13.00 Europe/London
A report from Microsoft claims that computer users' fear of viruses is leading to an actual increase in viruses.

BBC rolls out beta version of live mobile TV

08 Apr 2009 | 11.13 Europe/London
Quiet as you like, the BBC has started testing a beta version of live mobile TV – despite the fact that users of the service could face prosecution.

Australian government to pay for faster broadband network

07 Apr 2009 | 13.00 Europe/London
The Australian Government is set to pour around £21 billion pounds into upgrading its broadband network after it decided against private investment.

Has Fox fired blogger who dared review illegally-downloaded version of Wolverine movie?

07 Apr 2009 | 10.39 Europe/London

An entertainment blogger has reportedly been sacked from his role at FoxNews.

Virgin Media music subscription service likely to follow new Head of Music role

06 Apr 2009 | 18.12 Europe/London

New music services from Virgin Media look inevitable after the fibre broadband provider announced today it had appointed Richard Wheeler to the newly-created post of Head of Music.

Orange to jump on Project Kangaroo?

06 Apr 2009 | 14.06 Europe/London

Project Kangaroo, the failed broadband TV venture between the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, could be bouncing back, with Orange a potential buyer for the technology behind it.

ISPs now have to keep user data for one year

06 Apr 2009 | 13.58 Europe/London

New European Union legislation comes into effect today forcing Internet Service Providers to hold on to data for 12 months on how we use the internet.

Swedish Internet Traffic Down 33%

03 Apr 2009 | 09.09 Europe/London
Introduction of an anti-piracy law in Sweden has seen internet traffic fall 33% on the day it came into force.

UK broadband speeds falling behind overseas competitors

01 Apr 2009 | 11.42 Europe/London
The latest "State of the Internet" report by research firm Akamai has thrown up a number of concerning figures regarding the UK.

European Commission set to defend Internet privacy

01 Apr 2009 | 11.25 Europe/London
The European Commission has today joined the debate between Internet users, ISPs and online advertising companies.