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Parliamentary Enquiry - UK Broadband Speeds.

30 Jun 2009 | 12.54 Europe/London
Parliament's Business and Enterprise Committee has announced an(other) inquiry into broadband speeds in the UK.

Profile: Jerry Thompson, BT Business will make more from software than broadband

26 Jun 2009 | 12.07 Europe/London

Within two years BT Business will be making more from selling software services than monthly broadband connection fees.

Profile. CBN's Adrian Wooster urges local communities to get organised or miss out on fibre

25 Jun 2009 | 16.34 Europe/London

Community broadband backed for 'Digital England'

23 Jun 2009 | 17.57 Europe/London

A new report is backing alternative models for putting fast broadband into rural areas, arguing the Digital Britain report's proposed levy on phone lines may not be enough.

Digital Britain: journalists don't get Carter

22 Jun 2009 | 16.43 Europe/London
Lord Carter says around ninety per cent of the journalists writing about Digital Britain just aren't on the same page as him - in fact, he thinks they haven't read his report at all.

Traffic Management Legality

20 Jun 2009 | 11.04 Europe/London's recent podcast "Outlaw Radio" covered the legal background to ISP throttling, blocking or traffic management in the light of recent BT comments on carrying iPlayer traffic.

Under the radar — week ending June 19

19 Jun 2009 | 12.04 Europe/London
As everyone knows, this week has been dominated by the final Digital Britain report. Unsurprisingly, Media Guardian has dedicated the lion's share of

Be Broadband blocking BitTorrents - unintentionally

18 Jun 2009 | 20.23 Europe/London
The Digital Britain report may have the aim of reducing UK online piracy by up to seventy per cent but one British ISP is having to deny it has jumped the gun and taken matters into its own hands.

Digital Britain: Opinion leaders offer SamKnows their views

17 Jun 2009 | 10.26 Europe/London

The Digital Britain report is out at last and there was a proverbial rabbit in the hat for Lord Carter to pull out; a 50p per month tax on telephone line connections to raise roughly £150m a year to push back the geographic barriers of faster web access.

Analysis: Carter's Next Generation Access

17 Jun 2009 | 09.40 Europe/London
Lord Carter's final Digital Britain report seeks to clearly differentiate between its Universal Service Commitment (USC) and the future of Next Generation Access (NGA).

Analysis: Carter's Universal Service Commitment

17 Jun 2009 | 08.52 Europe/London
Lord Carter's final report on Digital Britain includes the commitment to a broadband Universal Service (USC) as previously announced in the Budget “.

Samknows co-founder speaks out on Digital Britain

16 Jun 2009 | 20.32 Europe/London

If you've not got time to read the full 245 pages of Digital Britain, Samknows.

Illicit P2P File-Sharing Legislation Ahead

16 Jun 2009 | 15.59 Europe/London
A consultation has been announced into legislative approach for addressing the problem of illicit use of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file-sharing technology to exchange unlawful copies of copyright material.

Digital Britain final report unveiled in the Commons

16 Jun 2009 | 15.26 Europe/London
So, it's finally out there for us to pore over. A little under an hour ago, Ben Bradshaw outlined the main points of Stephen Carter's baby.

PM: broadband's the railway to our digital future

16 Jun 2009 | 12.30 Europe/London

It may sound like a leaf out of the Book of Obama, but Gordon Brown says broadband is as important to Britain's future as railways have been to its past.

It's Digital Britain today — your predictions, please!

16 Jun 2009 | 09.17 Europe/London
Today's the day (rumours abound that there may be a slight delay while a BBC Worldwide/Channel 4 Deal is finalised) that Lord Carter's Digital Britain report comes out.

Under the radar -- week ending June 12

12 Jun 2009 | 22.50 Europe/London
Ar, it's been a good week for pirates, is 'as. Not only did Sweden's Pirate Party manage to get one of its own in amongst the crew of the European Parliament by winning a

43% of "unwired" adults happy to stay that way

11 Jun 2009 | 18.26 Europe/London

Not everyone without broadband will take it up - even if it's offered to them for free.


11 Jun 2009 | 17.07 Europe/London
Communications regulator OFCOM has given BT Openreach the green light to operate active electronics in its access network.

£15m crunch time for Phorm: Do its predictions add up?

11 Jun 2009 | 11.40 Europe/London
The countdown for Phorm could well and truly be starting, revealing by the end of the year if it really is on track to live up to its hype and serve £239m worth of adverts within two years.

TUC: Government must make ISPs stop pirates

09 Jun 2009 | 19.02 Europe/London
The General Secretary of the Trade Union Congress says that "up to 25% of all online TV piracy" takes place in the UK and that the country "has the unenviable position of a world leader" in that respect.

Channel 4 Abandons P2P for 4oD

09 Jun 2009 | 10.54 Europe/London
Channel 4 is moving its Catch-Up TV service fully over to where it will be streamed and compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

BT says existing network could deliver 93% broadband coverage

08 Jun 2009 | 19.51 Europe/London
BT Broadband has told Ministers it can put high-speed broadband within reach of ninety-three per cent of the UK population just by making inexpensive modifications to its current network.

New-look SamKnows unveiled to a waiting world

08 Jun 2009 | 10.59 Europe/London
You may have noticed that SamKnows is looking a bit different this morning. As well as a bright, shiny new front page, we've redefined some of our sections — news and features have been beefed up, as have our various

BBC Project Canvas Delay

07 Jun 2009 | 18.52 Europe/London
The BBC Trust has asked the BBC management to address a number of points raised in responses to the recent consultation on Project Canvas before proceeding to the next stage.

Carphone Warehouse chief: idea ISPs can stop illegal downloading “naïve”

07 Jun 2009 | 15.32 Europe/London

The man in charge of the UK’s biggest ISP says that, when it comes to preventing illegal file-sharing, too much attention is being paid to peer-to-peer networking and the role ISPs can play to stop it.

Under the radar — week ending June 5

05 Jun 2009 | 16.59 Europe/London
Another Friday, another round-up — so, let's see what you might have missed on the intartubez this week.

ISPs Join BT FTTC Trials

05 Jun 2009 | 16.10 Europe/London
A number of internet service providers (ISPs) have this week announced that they will take part in BT's fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) trials.

BT bringing in ADSL2+, boosting broadband speeds

03 Jun 2009 | 20.49 Europe/London
BT Broadband has announced plans to upgrade the connection speeds of its existing customers - as long as they sign up for another twelve months.

Changing Phorm? No ISP, no customers, no ads prompts new publisher offensive

03 Jun 2009 | 15.56 Europe/London

At around the same time as Sir Alan tells one would-be Apprentice ‘you’re fired’ tonight, Phorm will be launching what it claims has always been the ‘missing piece’ in its ‘rounded offering’.

Broadband almost as essential as breathing, says consumer panel

03 Jun 2009 | 14.18 Europe/London
Now then, just how important is the internet connection in your life? According to a recent survey by OFCOM advisory group the Communications Consumer Panel 73 per cent of the 2,000 people polled feel that broadband is right up there alongside water, electricity and other utilities, while 84 per cent agreed that everyone should have it at home.

Spotify goes fully legal – PRS licence deal agreed

03 Jun 2009 | 11.44 Europe/London

Spotify has been pressured for months to seal its legitimacy and sign up for a PRS for Music licence and SamKnows can now reveal that the hugely successful music streaming service has agreed terms with the UK body which represents music writers and publishers.

BBC accuses BT of throttling iPlayer

02 Jun 2009 | 20.44 Europe/London
With the term "bandwidth throttling" almost becoming an expletive in the digital age, if you're going to sling it around you better have a good reason.

Google wants web surfers to board its Wave

01 Jun 2009 | 19.57 Europe/London
It looks like what happens when you take some diced Facebook, some cloves of Skype, a few pinches of MSN and Yahoo Messager, a few slices of Gmail and add some open sauce (sorry).

Profitability sorting the file-sharing criminals from the consumers

01 Jun 2009 | 17.29 Europe/London

A man who downloaded over three thousand copyrighted movies on the Internet has been let off the hook in the Spanish courts.