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Independent study into Singapore’s consumer broadband speeds launched

24 Apr 2012 | 10.37 Europe/London
900 volunteers required to create Singapore’s first objective broadband performance benchmark

Singapore, 24 April 2012: International broadband research specialist, SamKnows, announced the launch of a study today to confirm the speed and quality of broadband services that Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Singapore are delivering to consumers. The study will help identify areas for improvement to ISPs, a vital step in bringing top-notch internet services to local users.

SamKnows is recognised as the leading independent expert in this area, having organised similar studies for multiple national and international bodies in Europe and the US, including the European Commission and FCC. Through its collaboration with these organisations, SamKnows has developed a global standard to measure and compare the quality of broadband services.

Alex Salter, CEO of SamKnows, said, “SamKnows has a unique technology and is focused on building a global standard for measuring broadband performance. Through this programme we are making our technology available to Singaporean consumers for free. We encourage you to volunteer to help us measure Singapore’s broadband performance and compare it with the rest of the world’s.”

To form a representative sample of broadband services, the study requires 900 volunteers in Singapore to connect a small device, similar in size to a Wi-Fi router, to their broadband connection. The device will test the performance of the service, sending regular reports directly back to SamKnows’ servers where the data is recorded and analysed. The device only tracks bandwidth speeds and does not collect or track personal internet usage.

Volunteers can sign up to support the study by visiting: They will be sent a small, purpose-built ‘Whitebox’ device that plugs into their internet connection. When a volunteer’s broadband line is not in use, the Whitebox runs a series of automated tests to measure the speed and performance of the connection.

In return for participation, volunteers will receive reliable reports about the service they are receiving, as well as the satisfaction of knowing they are helping to create a clearer picture of internet services being delivered to consumers across Singapore. This report can be used by ISPs to diagnose issues with an Internet connection, allowing users to discuss Service Level Agreement concerns with ISPs. Participants are able to keep the device and continue to obtain regular reports after the study is completed.

Since 2008, over 400,000 volunteers around the world have been involved in consumer broadband speed studies in London, Brussels, Washington and San Jose with SamKnows.


About SamKnows
SamKnows’ vision is to create a global standard for broadband performance measurement and empower consumer advocacy of enhanced services to be heard and acted upon. Founded in 2003 by software developer Sam Crawford, SamKnows was established as a consumer information website to promote faster broadband. In 2008, Sam developed an innovative broadband measurement technology, which SamKnows has provided free of charge to consumers in the UK and USA ever since. In the UK alone, SamKnows found that broadband performance was less than 50% of advertised speeds.