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Now available: Our first Performance Monitoring report

02 Aug 2008 | 09.08 Europe/London
I am pleased to announce that our first Performance Monitoring report is ready (finally!).

The report is available in PDF format using the link below. Apologies for the relatively large file size - many of the images are at a higher resolution, so you can zoom in for a better look. A one page "executive summary" is available on page two of the document, so if you're not inclined to read 40 pages of fairly technical text and scrutinise the graphs in detail, then this might be for you.

ยป Download the report (PDF, 4.5MB)

One thing I am keen to avoid is anyone glancing at the graphs or data in isolation and drawing conclusions based upon these alone. For example, I have demonstrated in the report that there are many different ways to examine speed, and just looking at raw throughput of a single type of speed test does not give you the full picture. There is a lot of correlation in the results between tests.

I would like to send a huge thank you to all of the volunteers who have made this testing possible by allowing us to install a unit on their home/office broadband connection. I would also like to thank Oliver and his team at Broadband Buyer for their tireless efforts in flashing and delivering all of the units.

We will be continuing the monitoring process well in to next year and will be expanding both the testing suite and the sample size considerably. At present we are not actively looking for further volunteers, so if you enter your details in via the signup form please don't be offended if we don't get back to you right away.

If you have any comments or queries around the report, please feel free to contact me at the usual address. I'm presently in Mumbai, India for work so I may not be able to respond immediately.