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Under the radar — week ending June 5

05 Jun 2009 | 16.59 Europe/London
Another Friday, another round-up — so, let's see what you might have missed on the intartubez this week.

Biggest happening this week was E3, aka Valhalla for Gamers, in L.A. Microsoft launched its Project Natal, a controller-free system. Best place to go for all the news is Gizmodo, where you can see the Giz writers testing out both DJ Hero and the Tony Hawk Ride games, and find out about Sony's new handheld, the PSP Go.

Last FM hung out with Guardian Online's Jemima Kiss for a nice cuppa tea and a sitdown, just a few days after its servers suffered a meltdown. The internet radio station has been joined by Spotify, who this week announced that they had obtained a PRS licence.

Pr0n fans (don't look at me, mush) will have been cheered — hurrah! — by the news that Microsoft's Bing search engine can access dirty stuff. That is, if internet users' safe search is off. And anyone mourning the death of craigslist's erotic listings will have to leave their internet dungeons and go buy a newspaper, as sales of mucky ads have soared in the local alternative press.

And finally, more proof that the Internet ain't going to be that free for much longer. Both Hulu and the Sunday Times have indicated that they will start charging for content. Although the SunTi hasn't yet confirmed its decision, Rupert Murdoch has already announced that a charge is gonna come. Have a great weekend!