Regulator Approved...

Globally approved to measure broadband
performance by governments and ISPs

An important initial phase of the project was to have the SamKnows methodology tested and approved by telecoms regulators and industry. Alongside the working groups that we actively participate in, SamKnows has also partnered with the Federal Communications Commission and the European Commission to ensure that our measurement platform is regulator approved.

SamKnows now has measurement projects underway across four continents: North America, South America, Europe and Asia, collecting performance data which is used by regulators, consumers, industry and most importantly consumers, to provide a more accurate picture of actual broadband performance.

In addition to our public and private panel reporting services, SamKnows also undertakes special projects for governments, and technology industry clients.

These projects range from helping a network operator optimise data traffic, to assisting in the design of a data-heavy multimedia network application, to working with a government body on a confidential research project. Every project is different, and draws not only on our extensive experience in monitoring broadband performance, but also private in-house research and development.

If you would like to discuss a potential project, in strict confidence, please

SamKnows and the European Commission

In January SamKnows partnered with the European Commission to supply European consumers with SamKnows enabled routers to measure broadband performance across Europe. Over the next few months SamKnows will be looking for volunteers to join our panel, which is currently in excess of 10,000 consumers across the UK and the USA.

The FCC selected SamKnows in 2010 to measure US broadband performance as part of the American National Broadband Plan, which will contribute to US federal internet investment strategy.

Read more about our project with the FCC

SamKnows and the IDA

The IDA selected SamKnows in 2012 to extend the SamKnows measurement platform to Asia, using the now globally accepted SamKnows broadband testing methodology.

SamKnows and Anatel

Anatel appointed SamKnows in 2012 to build a broadband measurement platform for Brazil to encompass both fixed and mobile broadband.