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Founded in 2008, SamKnows works alongside governments, consumers, ISPs, academics and industry to accurately measure fixed and mobile broadband to help improve global internet performance. Our free, open and transparent software and hardware are being to used globally to ensure the public receives a better mobile and fixed internet service.

The SamKnows performance testing platform is used by the USA's Federal Communications Commission (FCC), European Commission, UK government (Ofcom), Brazilian government (Anatel), Singapore's IDA and other government-backed studies worldwide.

SamKnows was started by Sam Crawford, who originally created an open data UK broadband availability website in 2003, which is still used today to track broadband services as they are launched and upgraded. At that time the UK consumer had little choice in terms of broadband provider and SamKnows became the focal point for the campaign to unbundle telephone exchanges and to enable greater competition.

The SamKnows global campaign for an open dataset on broadband performance is being achieved through crowdsourcing real consumers to contribute measurement data to the project. This involves the confidential collection of internet performance data through supplied free hardware, software and monitoring tools. This information is then made available online to assist the public and the writing of government reports that track performance over time and benchmark providers.

This is a fast-moving project, so please keep checking back to see how we're getting on.


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