Turn your Internet up to 11

We’ve solved the problem of poor quality video conference calls, never experience choppy video or dropped calls again. But that’s not all, using our patented algorithm M.A.G.I.C. we’ve unlocked the latent potential of your neighbours unused bandwidth, tap into it to boost your broadband to dizzying speeds beyond your wildest dreams.

The problem with Video Conferencing

Everyone’s experienced a poor quality video conference call, what’s the answer, buy a faster broadband package? Maybe not. The quality of the call might be limited by the upload capacity of the person you’re calling and vice-versa. Domestic broadband connections are designed to support entertainment and leisure activities, largely downloading content from the internet to the home. That's why broadband providers usually configure the line to provide 90% of the bandwidth for downloading data and only 10% of your bandwidth for uploading data. That's great for streaming video, but for services like video conferencing you need to upload as much data as you download.

That's why SamKnows has designed the Internet TAP™. Simply attach the TAP (Tweak Available Performance) to your network port and plug in your router. Now you can easily dial up your upload speed or dial down your download speed as easily as mixing the water in your tap. Find the perfect balance for your broadband, and improve the quality of your internet experience!

Balance your bandwidth to suit your needs

Simply attach the tap to your network port and plug in your router. Dial up your upload or dial down your download, find your perfect balance.

  • Turn up your upload when you're backing up your computer to the cloud
  • Balance your upload and download when you're video conferencing
  • Turn up your download when you're streaming in the evening

But that’s not all, Turbo boost your broadband

Not only does the Internet TAP allow you to control the up/down ratio of your bandwidth. It also allows you to tap into your neighbours unused bandwidth, boosting your speeds beyond what your service provider advertises. It’s not really stealing, it’s more like borrowing, it’s what friendly neighbours do. We've all seen Spinal Tap turn their amp up to eleven - now you can do it with your broadband!

  • Press the turbo boost button to double your download for 30min
  • Borrow bandwidth from your neighbors idle connections
  • Download large game files in seconds

Available to pre-order from April 1st 2021

  • Works with all broadband packages
  • Compatible with any connection type
  • Looks a bit like a Nest thermostat
  • This isn’t actually a real product, happy April fools day!