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Summer round-up 2022

Here's a round-up all of the latest news from SamKnows this summer. It's been a busy one, both at work and play.

Spotlight: Gaming Kingdom

Of the 3 billion gamers worldwide, some of the best can be found in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With almost 70% of the population under 29, this is a country where gaming is both an important pastime and rapidly growing business. But whilst internet speeds were good, gaming performance was not up to par. Read the story of how the CITC, Mobily, Salam, STC and Zain are working with SamKnows to improve gaming performance in the Kingdom.

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Product news

More on-hold time?

Literally nobody wants more on-hold time. Which is why we work hard to speed up Care Agent calls. In our latest release we’ve improved our ConstantCare search experience so you can find customers more easily. Read more on how this means you can help your customers faster and reduce on-hold time, and their frustration. So you can get on with your day. Phew!

What’s your customers’ streaming experience like?

With video streaming being such a normal part of everyday life, it’s important to be able to monitor customer experience easily and accurately. So, we’ve developed the Media Streaming Test that allows you to measure the performance of any HLS or DASH based streaming service.

Say hello to our new Router Agent

We’ve updated our Router Agent so you can run more tests and now get the results faster. Meaning you can understand and improve your customers’ internet performance even more. Read on to find out how.

How to improve your internet

Join us on our mission to make the internet better for everyone, starting with your own experience, followed by that of your fellow country folk. Find out what it means to be a volunteer.

Company news

Food to fuel your workday

In recognition of National Wellness month, we had our very own Fatima, who also happens to be a nutrition specialist, share advice on the kinds of food that are helpful to eat during your workday to stay energised and nourished. Here's what we learnt.

We’ve updated our family friendly policy to be more inclusive

Not all families look the same. And not all journeys to become a family are the same. We’ve updated our policy to be more reflective of this. We’ve also made some improvements too. Find out more about our Family Friendly Policy.

Our internship program is trying to make a big impact on the lives of young people

This July we have been lucky enough to have Leyya and Marlena as our interns at SamKnows. Find out what they thought of the experience.

Customer Stories

Our first ever report comparing broadband of two countries

The South Pacific neighbours, Australia and New Zealand, are the closest of allies, but have a long tradition of being friendly rivals. SamKnows is running independent broadband measurement studies in both countries, but has just released a first-of-its-kind joint report. Read on to find out why are Australia and New Zealand benchmarking themselves against each other.

SamKnows Spotlight Podcast

Dr Ahmed, Chief Technologist and Adviser for the governor of the CITC tells us how Saudi Arabia delivered on the Kingdom’s goals to improve the performance of its broadband networks and how the big games companies have realized the potential of serving Saudi’s young gaming population.

Jamie MasonHead of Measurement Support for SamKnows explains how SamKnows test the performance of many of the world’s most popular games, and why the location of the game’s servers are absolutely critical to the experience that gamers will receive.

Gaming Kingdom: Dr Ahmed Alsohaily

Gaming Kingdom: Jamie Mason