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SamKnows has built a global platform for measuring internet performance that is available to customers for free. We provide data for regulators and ISPs across five continents with hundreds of thousands of consumers in our global community. Our goal is to be in every home, accurately measuring internet performance, whilst campaigning for better connectivity, both locally and globally.

We’ve been working with the FCC since 2009 and provide the technical platform for the FCC’s Measuring Broadband America studies (both for fixed-line broadband and mobile broadband).


What our users are saying...

"Recently my downstream dropped by half... When I phoned them they said it's within acceptable range. They wanted me to check my PC, asked if I was plugged into the Master socket etc - all the usual stuff. When I told them I had a SamKnows whitebox and showed them your graphs they changed their minds and increased my speed back up to 15Mbps. Furthermore, the router they supplied had only one network socket on it which wasn't enough for my purposes. With your white box the problem was solved as it has 4. Thanks for a great service."

David, UK

"I just thought I would write in to say thank you for helping me last night and also for your very professional technical support. There are often times when the smallest things make the biggest positive impact and your help is a perfect example. So a big thank you from very impressed participant / customer of SamKnows."

Lewis, UK

"SamKnows' project is the only reliable network performance monitor. Plus, all data will be used to evaluate the current performance of ISPs and contribute for improvement. Happy to be part of this effort!"

George, Greece

"Having been a SamKnows volunteer for a few years now I would fully recommend becoming part of the community. I love knowing what is going on with my broadband while I sleep and while I'm at work. The dashboard is excellent and I love being able to see all of the different stats that SamKnows knows about my speed and performance. Since signing up Virgin have upped my speed twice, I have also been through a bad period of congestion and this was all captured to send to Virgin for their information. Thanks SamKnows!"

Vincent, UK

"I have been using SamKnows for about 2 years now, and wow. Getting that email with my monthly report card or just opening the android app to see how my internet is performing is a service I could not be without anymore. I have recommended SamKnows to my friends, this is a must for everyone that wants to monitor their internet connection. SamKnows is an excellent product for me as a home user but with a really high-end feel to it. Thank you."

Mathais, Sweden

"I've really enjoyed working and volunteering for SamKnows over the past month. All the statistics provided and the equipment provided is always at a good standard. The support is also very helpful and will always be there to assist you when you need help."

Kenneth, UK

"I saw the SamKnows webpage in the internet, asking for some volunteers to measure the internet signal around the world. In Portugal, internet providers are kind of sneeky so why not. I got the white TP-Link and installed it. Don't know if it's keeping them (providers) on track, but they have been providing the contracted signal. I had also a bonus. The TP-LINK has a wireless antenna and before it I didn't have signal on the other side of the house - now I have it :-) So I am glad I am helping SamKnows ;-)"

Pedro, Portugal

"Since having SamKnows I have been able to monitor the internet far better and finding out when there are issues and being able to go to my ISP with hard evidence!"

Ryan, UK

"This is the best way to compare ISPs side-by-side, and is completely independent."

Jeffrey, The Netherlands

"SamKnows will provide you with accurate reports about your internet access on a montly basis and it is easy to set up."

Gyorgy, Hungary

"It's a good idea as it let ISPs know when there was a drop in service as well as helping my ISP know as to when there was congestion."

Michael, UK

"Fascinating to see I have such a stable line. I would be happy to recommend SamKnows."

Mark, Germany

"It's been interesting to see the quality of my connection, and I'm happy to contribute to the data, too!"

Kristia, UK

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FCC Measuring Broadband America 2014 report

The FCC’s latest Measuring Broadband America study is now available! The study found that many ISPs now meet or slightly exceed the speed they advertise, but there is still some room for improvement. For the first time the study includes a satellite broadband provider (ViaSat/Exede), using the same measurement methodology as used for terrestrial ISPs. The study also includes new metrics analysing the consistency of service provided by ISPs, the results of which revealed that a high average speed does not necessarily imply a consistently good service.

The FCC’s latest study was based on data collected by approximately 7,000 SamKnows fixed-line Whiteboxes during September 2013.