The Internet of Things

The shape of things to come


SamKnows, the global leader in internet performance measurement (mobile and fixed), is working with partners around the world to build a distributed measurement platform for the Internet of Things, a market estimated to be worth $7.1 trillion by 2020, and that seems like a big number.

Building on its world-leading expertise, developed in the ongoing projects with the largest telcos, internet companies, and major Governments (as well as consumers, consumer groups and the academic community), SamKnows is building a variety of measurement solutions to measure not only internet performance and internal network performance — SamKnows has well established solutions for these already — but also devices within the network.

As the 'Internet of Things' becomes a reality and more of our lives become dependent on the performance of these connected devices, SamKnows will provide accurate and independent tools and data for consumers, thereby ensuring that networks supporting the 'Internet of Things' can be measured independently and objectively to ensure optimal performance.

This is a fast-moving project, so please check back for updates. For any companies, academics, or consumers wishing to contribute to this endeavour, please contact SamKnows for more information.

For details of our services and live projects with regulators, ISPs, and Telcos around the world, please check the relevant section of the site.


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