How we measure fixed-line broadband

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The Whitebox is a small Linux-based hardware device, capable of running SamKnows' suite of broadband performance measurements. Now in its fifth generation, over 70,000 Whiteboxes have been deployed in consumer homes around the globe.

Users of the Whitebox connect it to their home router and it will run tests according to a predefined testing schedule applicable to that country and/or ISP.

But don't worry, it will only run measurements when the user is not using their home connection. We don't want to disturb their experience of the internet, and equally, we don't want our measurements to be distorted.

Read more about the Whitebox test methodology (PDF)


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How does it work?

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After signing up you will be sent an email to let you know if your application has been successful and let you know when you can expect to receive your Whitebox. It’s as easy as that.

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The Whitebox plugs into the home network, you simply connect it to your existing home router/gateway and plug any fixed connections into the Whitebox. No specialist technical expertise is required.


You will be sent login details to enable you to access SamKnows Analytics – your comprehensive reporting data – and you can also download the SamKnows App for monitoring on the go.


Access reports any time via SamKnows Analytics or the SamKnows App. You'll receive monthly SamKnows Report Cards that provide top-line summaries of performance metrics over that month.

Embedding SamKnows technology

SamKnows is currently engaged with a number of ISPs and manufacturers around the world to embed our technology directly inside the CPE the ISP sends to their customers. ISPs leveraging this approach may deploy some or all of the SamKnows tests to their entire customer base, all controlled via their existing network management systems. Measurement results can be visualised in SamKnows Analytics, or fed into existing ISP systems.

The SamKnows measurement software has been built to function with a high degree of performance in extremely resource-constrained environments. Our complete testing suite requires under 300KB of flash and will use just 2MB of RAM at peak. We're capable of measuring over 1Gbps bi-directionally on suitable hardware.

To find out more about how we can provide you better information about your network performance, please get in touch.

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Web based-tests

For clients that require a web-based test solution, SamKnows is able to provide a Java-based client that can utilise the same robust methodology as for our Whiteboxes. The web-based test is able to measure download, upload, latency, packet loss and jitter to a high degree of accuracy.

However, it is important to note that our web-based test (like all others) has no mechanism to account for cross-traffic in the home and cannot guarantee a statistically robust dataset gathered over time (people turn off their computers after all!). For this reason SamKnows recommends that the web-based tests are deployed in a complementary manner to the Whiteboxes or mobile measurements apps.

Read the web-based testing whitepaper (PDF)


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