SamKnows provides smartphone apps for measuring mobile broadband performance on the Android and iOS platforms.

These use the same robust measurement methodology as the Whiteboxes and run tests using the same global measurement infrastructure.

Mobile phones

The SamKnows app, originally designed in partnership with the FCC and the leading mobile carriers in the USA, allows you to measure your download speed, upload speed, latency, packet loss and jitter, as well as many passive metrics. The Android app even has a facility to run measurements in the background when you're not using your phone, allowing you to build up a picture over time of how your mobile service is performing without you needing to do anything.

The smartphone apps are currently available in the US, Hong Kong and Brazil, with more markets planned to launch soon.

Read more about the Android app and iOS app testing methodology.

Perform download, upload, latency and packet loss measurements.

Contribute to your regulator's mobile broadband measurement effort.

Run automated tests in the background even when you're not using your phone (Android only).


Available in selected countries

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The SamKnows mobile measurement apps are available for Android and iOS devices. Select your platform below to download and get started!

Mobile Whitebox

The Mobile Whitebox was developed by SamKnows in 2011 for the purpose of measuring mobile internet performance on dongles (USB modems). It is designed to be deployed in a dedicated fashion, with one or more USB mobile broadband dongles attached. Unlike the fixed-line Whitebox, its internet connectivity is not shared with the panellist hosting the device; the Mobile Whitebox’s dongles are used purely for performance measurement.

A wide variety of mobile broadband dongles have been tested successfully with the Mobile Whitebox. Owing to the fact that the Mobile Whitebox runs a standard Linux kernel, supporting new dongles is typically straightforward.

Power may be supplied either from a wall socket (110V and 220V adaptors are available) or from 12V cigarette lighter adaptors in vehicles.

Read about the Mobile Whitebox specifications (PDF)

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