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Keeping an eye on your internet performance.

It's a health check for
your home network

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Knowledge that helps
you get better internet

← Benefits of performance testing

Powerful analytics to monitor network health and well-being

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It's also a workout for your
Wi-Fi to find its optimal setup

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Be part of the revolution that improves the internet for the entire nation

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It's time to make sure your network measures up.

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What can The Whitebox actually do for me?

As the internet gets more and more central to our lives, it becomes even more of a disaster if we lose it. All those devices aren't worth their flashing lights if they can't connect.

And when that happens, you need to be able to take control. The Whitebox is ready to get to the bottom of things.

View the Internet Performance Dashboard to find out:

  • What's working well, what's not working, and how bad it is
  • When it's happening
  • What to do about it

The Internet Performance Dashboard
Your internet at a glance

Latest test results from The Whitebox

Get an overview of your home network performance at a glance. The new Internet Performance Dashboard displays the results of the last tests run by the Whitebox, very handy for your ad hoc network super sleuthing.

Featuring, colour-coded internet performance!

(available everywhere apart from USA)


All is good. Your internet is happy and everything is working just fine.


Uh oh, looks like you’ve got some problems, but don’t worry, nothing major.


This may be serious. Your internet is having some problems that are likely to be impacting your experience.

Do I have internet or not?

Regulators are proposing that ISPs in the UK should start refunding customers for loss of service. Internet Performance Dashboard tracks your connectivity and displays whether you have had internet or not over the past 30 days

(Feature launching soon)

A picture tells a thousand words. If you see this guy smiling, all is well with your internet!

Good internet makes us happy, bad internet drives us crazy. Why not convey that emotion rather than try to describe it as numbers or lines on a graph? Exactly what we thought. Is our mascot a dog, is he a bear, is ‘he’ a she? Who knows, all we know is when he’s happy your internet is happy, when he’s mad your internet is bad.

Historical data

The Whitebox Dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of the health of your network over time. Beneath the hood, you can look at every metric The Whitebox measures to know exactly what’s going on.

The self-healing internet

The Whitebox is the start of something even bigger we’re working towards. We dream of an internet that automatically checks its performance against what’s been advertised, automatically knows when something’s not right, and automatically contacts the ISP with the relevant data to demand a better deal. Sounds like a fantasy? Hey, people laughed at the selfie stick. But a selfie stick won’t revolutionise the nation’s internet. Not in a good way, anyway.

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