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Powerful analytics to monitor network health and well-being

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It's also a workout for your
Wi-Fi to find its optimal setup

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Know what you get, get what you pay for

The internet might be magic, but it doesn't have to be a mystery! Inside your Whitebox are all the tests that you need to know exactly how your connection is working. In fact – and we probably shouldn’t say this – we may have even more tests than your ISP uses to tests its own network!

Skip the help desk

At the end of a long day you don’t want to spend your free time on the phone to your ISP helping them to diagnose your fault. Suspect you’re not getting enough Mbps for your money? All you have to do is export your data, and the Internet Performance Dashboard will put it in an email to your ISP. If your ISP’s gone the extra mile as a SamKnows partner we’ll be able to send your report to a special VIP email.

An example of how The Whitebox has helped a customer

Sofia always had a feeling something wasn’t up to scratch with her connection. She was paying for a 50Mbps line, so how come her streamed videos always buffered? It was unbearable.

Sofia installed a Whitebox. It showed her exactly when her connection was failing, with performance data that both she and her ISP could easily understand.

She exported the report (using the Self Healing feature in the Internet Performance Dashboard) and sent it to her service provider. They dealt with it straight away.

The Engineers could quickly see the fault, but because it was caused by congestion, upgraded her line to 100Mbps and knocked $15 off her monthly bill!

Now, The Whitebox is telling her that she gets an average of 105Mbps off peak and 50Mbps at peak times - just what she asked for in the first place.

And that’s enough to easily stream Ultra HD 4k video! Whitebox, you’ve done it again.

Make sure your connection works when you need it most

Network performance changes over time. Peak traffic is usually when people get home from work and fire up their favourite on-demand TV services. It’s useful to know how your connection changes throughout the day so you’ll know the perfect time to FaceTime your family in New Zealand without any drama.

More performance tracking than Usain Bolt’s FitBit

There can be a hundred reasons why your connection’s not doing what it should - too many people online nearby, the same Wi-Fi band, the same ISP, too many connected devices in use, your ISP having a bad day, pixies in the cable... okay, probably not that one, but you can see how tracking exactly what’s going on can make all the difference. The Internet Performance Dashboard does just that, so when something goes wrong, it’s as easy as possible for you or your ISP to fix it.

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