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Powerful analytics to monitor network health and well-being

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Give the world the internet it needs

With the Whitebox, we’re taking a big step towards a better internet for all. Your secure data helps academics, regulators and ISPs understand how to improve internet performance all over the world. In fact, it’s already happening.

SamKnows - Independent

From humble beginnings in 2008, SamKnows has grown to measure internet performance in more than 30 countries. Everyone’s benefiting from our data:


SamKnows already helps only the best ISPs find problems on their own network, and find faults even before they impact their customers. They even use our tests to understand how they can outdo their competitors. Clever indeed… but a more competitive internet is better for everyone, so we’re okay with that.


It’s vital for regulators to make sure that ISPs are doing what they promised they would - and we stand by the regulators, in countries all around the world.


As Tim Berners-Lee said, the internet is for everyone - and we believe its data should be, too. We’re proud to share our scientific studies and software with institutions around the world so that they can continue to make the internet better for all.

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The SamKnows Standard

The world relies on the performance of the internet, so it’s surprising that there’s no one unbiased international standard for how it should perform and how its providers should behave. With the measurement we’ve done - and now, by trying to get Whiteboxes to as many people as possible - we’re proud to make a fair internet standard for all the biggest mission we have. And we hope you’ll join us!

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