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Understand why your internet is misbehaving

The internet is brilliant. But sometimes things go wrong and often finding the problem is a difficult and frustrating experience. Even the most technical of us struggle with understanding internet performance. Which is why we made the Whitebox. A purpose-built sensor to measure every aspect of your connectivity and internet performance. Connected to our cloud based platform, SamKnows One, you can take control of your internet experience.

We'll give your connection a full examination


How many precious megabytes of music, videos, emails, and cat pictures you can squeeze down your connection in a second. This is often advertised by your ISP as the most important metric, but in reality if you have fast internet, the problems are elsewhere. Running tests at different times during the day and night enables us to see how consistently your network performs, with most problems likely occurring at peak times. This is different from streaming which we measu


This is a measure of how well you can send a file over the internet from your Whitebox to the SamKnows Global Platform. And this is important because your superstar vlog isn’t gonna take off if it can’t upload your latest posts fast enough. Often you’re allocated a lower upload speed than download speed, because most of us download more than we upload, but with the popularity of social, that’s changing as we’re all becoming experts at capturing the world around us!


This is the total amount of time it takes a packet of data to get from your device to our test servers. This is a very important because online games are very sensitive to latency as slow response times to new events during a game may mean you lose, regardless of whether you’re the better player. As your connection gets faster, latency could become one of your most important metrics and being dramatic, may be the difference between success or failure.


You type in (aww, shucks, you guys!) - what happens next? The DNS connects that address to the actual website, by using a global naming system for internet connected devices and systems. Simply put, the DNS translates names to the numerical IP addresses needed for locating and identifying computer services and devices. If you’ve entered the address of your favourite site and it won’t load, there may be a major DNS problem.

Packet loss

When your data is sent over a network it’s broken down into tiny little ‘packets’ so that it will fit through tiny little letterboxes at the other end. But just like the real post office sometimes packets go missing, where do they go? Who knows, all we know is how many are gone and I bet they’re ones that had the good stuff inside. Packet loss will really impact streaming media services and online game applications.

Internet calls

Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime… Internet calling is a small miracle, without a consistent connection it can be an incredibly frustrating experience. The Whitebox has special tests that measure call quality and noise levels to make sure you’re never left hanging. This is one of our critical application metrics and important if you use your internet connection for communication, whether its an important conference call or sharing important news with family members.

Website load

We test the load speeds of your most popular websites. This is a sort of combination test that includes download, latency and DNS in one test that accurately mimics real world usage. We record how long it takes to receive all of the assets on a website. We even measure whether any problems are caused by the site itself or anything in between you or the site, like a content delivery network like Akamai.

Video streaming

So your video stops streaming. Is it Netflix, or your internet connection? Our testing will let you know - but it can’t help you with your Netflix addiction, but we do understand. Instead of waiting for a file to be downloaded completely, you can start watching even whilst the video is still being sent. But any problems with the reliability of the stream, can mean a horrible viewing experience. Before SamKnows it was hard to identify where the fault might be occurring, but no longer.

Take control of your internet experience

The Internet Performance Dashboard

You’ll collect lots of data, you’re likely to know more about your connection than anyone. We help you find faults, identify problems and present all of the tests and metrics in a simple to use analytics system. We’re adding features all of the time like the self healing internet: you can even create reports to send to your ISP so the engineers there can quickly understand your problem.

Knowledge is power

  • Get better internet
  • Monitor your network health
  • Configure your Wi-Fi network find its perfect setup
  • Make every connected device in your home work without problems
  • And be part of the movement helping regulators improve the internet for all

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