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Keeping an eye on your internet performance.

It's a health check for
your home network

Exactly what we measure →

Knowledge that helps
you get better internet

← Benefits of performance testing

It's also a workout for your
Wi-Fi to find its optimal setup

← Understanding your home network

An in-house IT expert in this
chaotic world of connected devices

Improving your connection →

Be part of the revolution that improves the internet for the entire nation

← Together we'll fix the internet

It's time to make sure your network measures up.

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Powerful analytics to monitor network health and well-being

Those online speed tests don’t tell you how healthy your network really is, only how fast it can load one particular massive file at one particular time. Whitebox checks your connection all the time and shows you the stats intuitively. Data you and your ISP can actually use.

On your computer

Internet Performance Dashboard

The mission control of your internet, the SamKnows dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of the health of your network over time. Beneath the hood, you can look at every metric The Whitebox lets you know exactly what’s going on.

On your phone

SamKnows App

Our app is the ad-hoc little sister to the dashboard, full of the same test technology. Pop it open whenever you need to take your broadband’s temperature, and put your mind to rest.

(Feature launching soon)

Email report

Monthly health check

The best connection is the one that doesn’t bother you, but we figured you’d like a little peace of mind. The Internet Performance Dashboard sends you a monthly health check email, just to let you know that everything’s ticking over as it should. No fake news here: we’ll let you know if something needs your attention, too.

The future of the Internet Performance Dashboard? All your data, in one simple to use dashboard.

Right now, the SamKnows app is great for running those one-off tests, but we’re working on bringing desktop and mobile stats together into one dashboard view. See all of your measurements from any device, anywhere.

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