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Test, monitor and optimise your home Wi-Fi

The internet is more complicated than turning on a tap and watching emojis pour out. There’s all sorts of fiddly tweaks you can do to make it work better. Since your internet connection changes as you move about your home, using our app will help you find the very best spot to place your router.

Fix your connection where the action is - your home network

Internet connection testing

The traditional speed test you know and love - The Whitebox listens to how swiftly your device talks to the internet by sending data back and forth.

3, 2, 1 … GO!

Home Network testing

Maybe the problem’s closer to home, so to speak. Here we just test your device’s connections to The Whitebox within your home. By comparing this test to the Internet Connection test, we can see if the slowdown’s happening inside your four walls, or out...

Device Testing

Here’s the really sleuthy stuff. Now we’re talking about testing the connection of your device by taking it out of the equation. We test from The Whitebox out to a test server on the internet. If we compare the results of this test to the first test, we can find out if your device is letting the side down.

What's on the horizon

(Feature launching soon)

Lightweight speed test

Traditional speed tests are tests to destruction. Basically, they send as much data as possible down your internet pipe and see when it gives up. Fine for a one-time-use, but if you keep doing this it eats up your data allowance, slows down your connection, and takes valuable time.

Not good enough, right? We’ve developed a test that sends a few packets down the line, and only takes a few milliseconds to run. It’s just as accurate as the big tests, but it’s so lightweight that we can run it in the background all the time, checking and comparing and analysing - and your broadband won’t feel a thing.

(Feature launching soon)

Finding your Wi-Fi Sweet spot

The guys wearing tinfoil hats were right, kinda - your Wi-Fi signal is dramatically reduced when it has to pass through the walls of your house, and can even be blocked by plasterboard with its thin metal coating.

If you’ve ever stood on a stool with your smartphone in the air the new version of the SamKnows app is for you. Open the app, walk round your house and we’ll sound out the Wi-Fi strength of every nook and cranny. You can even use it to find the most productive seat in your local Starbucks...

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