The SamKnows internet measurement platform is actively testing in more than 30 countries on behalf of telecoms regulators.

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SamKnows began working with the FCC in 2010 on the Measuring Broadband America Program. The project has since published studies annually, focusing on the actual performance of US ISPs versus what their advertising states. Now into its fifth year, the project is expanding into new metrics studying consistency of service and video streaming. 2014 also saw the launch of Measuring Mobile Broadband America, a joint effort between the FCC and SamKnows to better understand US mobile broadband performance.

SamKnows has been working with the iDA, Singapore's telecoms regulator, since late 2012. Measuring Singaporean broadband performance has presented some challenges, with its extremely high speed fibre-to-the-home connections and a strong interest from consumers into performance to international destinations. The project makes use of some of our fastest Fixed-line Whiteboxes, measuring some connections up to 1Gbps! The iDA publish a rolling monthly snapshot of their measurement results on their website.

SamKnows began working with the CRTC, the Canadian telecoms regulator, in 2014 with the aim of accurately measuring fixed-line broadband performance speeds for Canadian consumers. The project launched in May 2015 and was met with great interest from consumers and industry alike. With over 4,400 Whiteboxes dispatched over Canada, SamKnows has been able to build a reliable and in-depth picture of performance statistics across the entire country. The CRTC has based their first report on data collected during 2015 with another full report due out later this year.

SamKnows has been working in Brazil since 2012 with the regulator Anatel, as a part of the EAQ (a joint partnership between SamKnows and PwC). The project takes advantage of our Fixed-line Whiteboxes, Mobile Whiteboxes and mobile apps. The data collected from the study is published by Anatel and is used to help enforce quality of service regulations passed in 2012.

In 2012 SamKnows was appointed by the European Commission to conduct a three-year study into the quality of broadband service across Europe. The study makes use of ten thousand Fixed-line Whiteboxes, deployed across all European Union member states and two others.

Since 2014, SamKnows has been working with the CRC, Mongolia's telecoms regulator, to measure fixed-line and mobile broadband in order to provide an introductory view into the challenges facing their national broadband infrastructure and better understand end user's quality of experience (QoE). A public report has been produced from the fixed-line broadband measurements, which is linked below. A mobile broadband report is due later in the year, please check back soon for the link!

Case study: How SamKnows helped the FCC establish Measuring Broadband America

In 2010 the FCC selected SamKnows in a competitive contracting process to create a measurement platform for broadband in the US and the Measuring Broadband America Program was born. The FCC and SamKnows created a collaborative working group, of ISPs, academics, consumer groups and industry stakeholders. The project is now in its fourth year and has chalked up four highly successful reports that the industry watches very closely.


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