Reporting & SamKnows One

Whether you're a consumer with one of our Whiteboxes at home or a regulator studying the results of 10,000 Whiteboxes, you can use SamKnows One to get a complete picture of the performance landscape.


SamKnows One is a real-time web-based reporting platform. It has been created to provide a flexible and detailed way for users to review and analyze data.

A bespoke, client-branded system, built in partnership with leading ISPs from around the world, it allows for client-specific metrics, measurement probe metadata (such as exchange, and hub-type), and a range of normalization and data-trimming options.

  • Consumers to put their ISP to the test
  • Marketing departments to validate advertising claims
  • Operations teams to monitor network performance
  • Governments to benchmark industry performance
  • Academics to complete network analysis and studies
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Reporting Mechanisms

We have a number of ways to report on your measurements


SamKnows One

A fully-featured web app for viewing broadband performance using a wide range of analytical features.


Report card

A monthly email that summarises your high-level performance figures for all key metrics.

Mobile Apps

Smartphone Apps

Android and iOS apps for viewing the results of your Whitebox-based measurements, as well as your mobile measurement results.


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