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Dynamic thresholds

Alpha automatically learns normal performance and builds a dynamic model which is constantly re-learning to adapt to trend shifts.

Anomaly detection

Alpha AI monitors a live stream of your performance data 24/7 automatically detecting when things aren’t behaving as expected.

Root cause analysis

Alpha AI’s algorithms understand the semantics of cascading problems and pinpoints root cause in one single notification, rather than triggering a tsunami of alerts.

The inbox page shows a history of all the anomalies detected on your data stream. Incidents are intelligently tagged by severity, notifications settings can be customised so that only relevant people on your team get alerted.

View on a big screen

Maximum impact with presentation mode and automatic refresh.

Quick and easy

Quickly build dashboards from existing presets. Customisable your dashboard layout with drag and drop.


Easily share dashboards within your organisation

Use your saved chart presets to create a MultiView dashboard with up to 10 charts.


Choose from a selection of different chart types to help you frame your data in the best way.

Split and filter

Filter data by your custom metadata. Split your data for side by side comparisons, it effectively creates a new data series on the chart. 

Create presets

Saved chart presets for yourself, or share with people in your organisation. 

Multiple datasets

Visualise multiple data series on a single chart. Create a new series from scratch or clone an existing chart.

Line charts aggregate data and plot one or more data series as lines on a graph. Time is plotted along the x-axis, and the metric value is plotted along the y-axis.

Choose map type

View your data on standard map or a satellite view.

Colour-coded data

Plot raw data on a map. Automatically colour-coded to show relative performance.

Nationwide analysis

Visualise aggregated data at a country or regional level. Easily spot variations in performance according to colour.

Hot maps

Generate heat maps, the “hotter” the colour, the greater number of tests were run in that area.

Visualise and aggregate your data generated anywhere in the world, at a country or regional level i.e. province or state. Easily spot variations in performance according to colour.

Add charts

Simple drag and drop interface to build reports from existing presets.

Add context

Insert static text and headers to give your report structure and explain charts.

Adjust date range

Charts are dynamic and the date range can be adjusted across the whole report. Perfect for updating monthly or annual reports.

Sharing your report

Reports can be shared within an organisation or kept private to just the user who created it. 

Reports are built using a drag and drop interface that allows you to simply drop in presets you've already saved in SamKnows One.

Manage your test agents

Activate or deactivate the test agents on your panel. Modify the metadata assigned to each test agent. View recent threshold breaches.

Add metadata fields

These extra fields allow you to split, filter, and aggregate when viewing analytics.

Adjust test schedules

You can create multiple test schedules and assign different agents to different schedules.

View useful environmental information for each of your test agents.

Data subscriptions

Manage the data panels you can see.

Product subscription

Manage the features and products you can use.

Router SDK licenses

Purchase additional licenses to activate the Router SDK on your CPE.

Your organisation

Create and manage users, add them to groups and restrict permissions based on products.

Administrate who has access to SamKnows One and what features they can use. Create groups for commonly used permissions such as customer care agents.