Wi-Fi and in-home measurements

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SamKnows recognises that, as fixed-line broadband services achieve faster speeds, bottlenecks are increasingly moving elsewhere. Contemporary pressures on the network are being seen elsewhere with disputes between video streaming providers and ISPs, for example. However, connectivity within the home and office network still has numerous problems. Wi-Fi is often cited by ISPs as being the chief cause of customer complaints. Overly optimistic advertising claims from Wi-Fi hardware manufacturers, a cluttered wireless spectrum and thick walls all harm our Wi-Fi performance. SamKnows is able to measure every part of the connection.

SamKnows is able to leverage its existing Whiteboxes (which all have wireless interfaces) and smartphone apps to provide Wi-Fi measurement services. Coupled with the existing measurements taken to Internet-based destinations, it is easy for both the ISP and consumer to see whether the home network is the bottleneck.

Indeed, the connection media needn't necessarily be Wi-Fi (although that is cited as the common cause of issues). The same solution works just as well to measure Ethernet and HomePlug services too.

Deployment example

In this example scenario, the consumer already has a Whitebox in their home, connected via Ethernet to their ISPs CPE. They are able to use the SamKnows apps on their mobile devices to perform measurements over their home Wi-Fi network to the SamKnows Whitebox.

Wi-Fi illustration

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