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SamKnows provides you with a free Whitebox to measure your broadband performance around the clock.

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Monitor your fixed and mobile broadband performance day and night across more than 10 different metrics

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View your measurement results in realtime via our website or Android/iPhone apps


Help improve your country's broadband by contributing data to government-backed studies.

Our Technology

The tools we use to power our data



The Whitebox plugs into your home router and measures fixed-line broadband performance day and night. It's really easy to install and won't interfere with your use of the Internet. You get access to all of your measurement results.

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Smartphone Apps

We've developed apps to measure mobile broadband performance, available for Android and iOS. The apps measure all of our core metrics using the same methodology as on the Whiteboxes, and the Android app even supports running scheduled measurements in the background. We're still rolling the apps out across the world, so if your country isn't yet supported please check back soon.

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Mobile Apps

Mobile Whitebox

Mobile Whitebox

The Mobile Whitebox is used to measure mobile broadband performance. 3G/4G USB dongles can be attached to the Mobile Whitebox and it'll run all of the same tests as its much larger brother (the Whitebox). You can even attach multiple donlges to the Mobile Whitebox and it'll measure all of them!

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Whether you're a consumer, ISP or regulator, we have a rich set of tools that allow you to analyse your broadband performance data. SamKnows Analytics, our web-based reporting dashboard, allows you to filter, aggregate and chart data to your heart's content. We also have Android and iOS apps to enable consumers to view results from their Whitebox.

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