Internet performance monitoring

A comprehensive understanding of fixed and cellular internet performance in realtime

Visualise network and application performance with SamKnows One

SamKnows One is our proprietary cloud-based analytics system. Here, you can visualise your data and use sophisticated features to simplify complex analysis in near real-time. SamKnows One is also where you can manage your measurement agents and associated metadata.

  • Personalise what data you see on your dashboard
  • Built from the ground up to do one thing, analyse internet performance data
  • Manage your agents, test schedules and users

SamKnows One is designed for the analysis and administration of large-scale studies monitoring internet performance to multiple homes.

Measure in-home performance with SamKnows RealSpeed

Poor home Wi-Fi is the cause of over 50% of all complaints to ISP care teams. As well as being the most frequent, they are often the most complicated to resolve. With RealSpeed, you can measure your home Wi-Fi performance and troubleshoot problems without having to contact your ISP.

  • Measure baseline performance to the home
  • Measure Wi-Fi performance around the home
  • Identify any in-home device limitations

Application Monitoring

Monitor real customer experience to the world’s most popular online applications. Use the data to optimise connections to these services and make sure your customers have the best possible access to the services they use the most. Every year we grow our catalogue of application tests.

  • Benchmark content providers
  • Discover routing anomalies
  • Optimise your CDN caches

Network Monitoring

Monitor the aggregated end-to-end customer experience of your products, from individual customer homes to on-net and off-net test servers. Add your own custom metadata to the data collected to enable you to split and filter the aggregated data to isolate hard to find faults. Make sure you’re meeting minimum advertised speeds, automatically generates a reports to show your product performance meets national regulations.

  • Back up advertising claims
  • Investigate hard to find faults
  • Monitor aggregated Quality of Experience

Optimise your country's internet performance with National Studies

Our team of experts have been analysing internet performance data for over ten years. If you need help with sorting through data to find the most valuable insights, you can rely on us. 

  • Actionable insights routinely found
  • Clear and concise reporting
  • Trusted by governments and ISPs globally

We produce reports for our government regulator clients. Reports are a great way to inform the public about national broadband services with unbiased, reliable information.

Using SamKnows technology

Product News

Discover our latest products and feature releases.

Quality of Experience in the palm of your hand

Ensuring consistent and low latency is rapidly becoming the focal point for people concerned with how responsive applications are. But there's no single latency value either - latency will vary by application. This is why SamKnows is developing and adding ~40 new Quality of Experience tests to our Mobile apps. Now you can measure latency for dozens of applications accurately from the palm of your hand.

The SamKnows method of measuring internet performance

SamKnows has been pioneering internet performance measurements for over 10 years. Our reputation is built upon our methodology, we go above and beyond to ensure that the data we collect is a reliable true representation of actual end-to-end performance. This is an insight into the testing principles that make SamKnows the global leader in our field.

Moving the data pipeline

Find out more about how we're accommodating our data in a more efficient, fast-paced and scalable way with Google BigQuery.

Gaming test updated framework

Schedules are important. But when it comes to making necessary software updates to keep up with fast paced applications and other servers, we don't like waiting! ISPs upgrade their router firmware on a tight schedule that can take up months to be pushed through. To stay ahead of the game, find out how we're developing frameworks that can be used to update our 40 million+ Agents worldwide almost instantly.