Could you be SamKnows’ next Product Designer?

We are looking for a Product Designer to lead and evolve some of our core products. Find out more about the role.

Our new office is opening and we can’t wait to welcome you

This week we opened the doors of our new office. While the fourth floor isn’t fully finished yet, the third floor is ready and waiting for you on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We are so excited to have a place where we can come together and do great work as a team once again.

Time to plan your visit: the new office is ready

The new SamKnows office is now open for business Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. So the Marketing Team were sent on a mission to provide some helpful tips on the local area so you can plan your visit.

Eid Mubarak from all at SamKnows

We spoke to our colleagues Asma and Fatima, to find out a little more about Eid.

April news roundup

Here's a round-up all of the latest news from SamKnows this month.

5 reasons why you should join SamKnows as a Measurement Engineer

Change the world with SamKnows. Be a central part; measure, experiment, solve problems, and create action plans to improve the world’s internet.

We support Ukraine

With the situation in Ukraine, displaced families need basic supplies. Please help us support organizations on the ground such as RefugEase and Hospitallers as they provide aid.

Why working at SamKnows is great

SamKnows goes beyond flexible working: removing out of date boundaries between employer and employee to benefit both business performance and employee well being. Here’s an overview from Sophie, our newest addition to the marketing team.

Women's History Month: Kristina Kanter and Sophie Gordon

We’re continuing to celebrate Women’s History Month by interviewing more of our female colleagues. 

Women's History Month: Roxanne Robinson

Learn more about SamKnows' Director of government projects, Roxanne Robinson.

Women's History Month: Interview with Roxanne Botman

The 8th March is International Women's Day. In regard to this, we wanted to speak with Roxanne Botman, the People and Culture Manager of SamKnows, to learn more about the climate of tech diversity and get to know her a little better!

The pets of SamKnows

"A study conducted by the University of Leeds has found evidence to suggest that watching cute animals may contribute to a reduction in stress and anxiety." Come meet the delightful (and sometimes mischievous) pets of SamKnows.

Embedded Engineer

We are looking for an Embedded Software Engineer to work on Integration for our software agent, used by Internet Service Providers (ISP’s), Governments, and consumers across the world.

Product Designer: FaultFinder

We are looking for a Product Designer to lead and evolve the SamKnows product: FaultFinder, to help Network Engineers identify internet faults in real-time. Find out more about the role and more about FaultFinder:

Developing innovative broadband performance apps

We are looking for iOS and Android developers to join our mobile team. Our mobile apps and SDKs are helping government regulators measure and monitor national cellular broadband, helping home broadband users test Wi-Fi performance around their homes, and helping ISPs and router manufacturers easily add SamKnows’ tests and functionality to their own native apps. Find out more about the roles and more about our mobile apps.

Supporting our community

After a very successful year, we were fortunate enough to be able to give back a significant amount to charities chosen by everyone at SamKnows.

Product Manager: FaultFinder

We are looking for a Product Manager to lead and evolve the SamKnows product: FaultFinder, to help Network Engineers identify internet faults in real-time. Find out more about the role and more about FaultFinder:

Data Analysts who are passionate about broadband

SamKnows is growing and adding a Data Analyst role to the ISP team for the first time. Find out more about the role in depth, your place within the company, what you'll be working with hands-on, and the international impact you can make.

November news roundup

Here's a round-up all of the latest news from SamKnows this month.

SamKnows Hiring Process

As SamKnows expands, we're doing our best to ensure we grow sustainably. A part of that is having an efficient and attentive recruitment process. Here's an insight into our new and improved hiring process:

Vue London conference 2021

This year, SamKnows has partnered with the VueJS London Conference as the diversity sponsor. Find out more about Vue.js, the conference and how you can attend!

The new SamKnows London office

What is the role of an office in the post-lockdown era? We’re trying to create an inclusive workspace, built off real feedback from people at SamKnows. Here's a look into the plans in-motion for our London office.

Maimuna's internship at SamKnows

After Maimuna's university plans fell through due to OfQual's 2020 algorithm, Alex Salter (CEO and Co-founder of SamKnows) reached out to her to offer her a job during the inevitable gap year she had no choice but to take. After the algorithm was scrapped and Maimuna was accepted into Cambridge, she reached back out to SamKnows to ask if she could take up work during term breaks. This is a post written by Maimuna about her experience and the internship she completed at SamKnows.

SamKnows Summer

We've all got a lot on. And with lots of hard work, comes much needed rest time. We believe it's truly important to take a break from the desk and reset, and if you can spend some of that time outdoors – even better! Here's how SamKnows is enjoying the sun around the world this week:

Design Principles

These principles are to help the design team at SamKnows create a unified design language across all our disciplines. But, they are also to help us understand what’s worth fighting for, and can be used to help defend our design decisions.

What does it take to build a unicorn?

We think: prioritizing people, valuing diversity and inclusion, and a bit of ‘shokunin’.

Where the magic happens

Whether it’s at home or in an office, we want everyone to have a comfortable working environment that aids success. Here’s our take on the ‘coming back to the office' debate...

The supernatural challenges of onboarding remotely

Joining a new company during lockdown is no easy feat. It can sometimes feel like you're working with a bunch of ghosts, minus all the booing. As we grow and take on more people we're trying to be realistic about the challenges faced through onboarding from home, to learn more and continue improving for the new model of work we're adjusting to.

Sustainable growth

With great talent comes great responsibility, and at SamKnows we’re focused on sustainable growth. So as our company grows we're becoming more product centric, and taking on new people, we’re working to ensure SamKnows remains a great place to work. Learn about how our working process and company culture feeds into our big plans for expanding SamKnows and check out the new roles we're hiring for.

Our values

Our values

We’re passionate about helping Sam achieve his dream of a world that understands the internet. Our core values have always been central to how successfully we pursue our goal. However, we’ve experienced a lot of change over the last ten years and so we decided to take a step back and rediscover the essence of who we are today. We did this as a team - here are the results!

Find out what it’s like to be an intern at SamKnows

At SamKnows, we're committed to providing opportunities for young people that help enhance their success. Along with Project Margaret Hamilton, a home-grown coding lab for girls, we offer a short internship program that's designed to give you valuable skills and hands-on experience at a thriving tech company. Find out what Annabelle got up to while she was here!

Meet Ari, our smooth-talking, globe-trotting, code-wrangling backend developer

Ari is an integral part of the SamKnows backend team. She's travel-mad and multilingual, while also forging a successful career in backend development. Today, we're asking her about why she chose her career, what it takes to succeed, and the importance of creating a healthy work-life balance.

Postcards from the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run

The Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run is the world's first and most iconic ultramarathon. Competitive, hot, and covering formidable terrain, this Californian race is no easy feat. So when Sam Crawford, our CTO and founder, went off to take part, we were proud, curious, and not a little anxious. Thankfully, he came back to tell the tale!

Proud to be different

Three years ago, we set out on a mission to learn what we could do to make our team more diverse. Since then, we have found that even the smallest changes, such as using gender-neutral language, can have a significant affect on our hiring processes. Today, we want to share some of our experiences in the hope that we might help other technology companies do the same.

Life as an Android Developer

Inspired by the woman in charge of writing the on-board software for Apollo 11, SamKnows developer Samira has set up an exciting new project to teach young women how to code and overcome unhelpful "myths" about working in tech. We're fully supportive of this initiative, and today we're asking her all about her life as an Android Developer, part of the project's "myth busters" series.

Product development at SamKnows

SamKnows started as a small, highly-skilled team where everyone knew what was going on. Communication was easy, and we scaled fast. But to ensure our rate of change was sustainable, we decided to adapt our internal workflows. Particularly since we're still scaling! Here's what we've learned so far.

It takes a village to raise a child

Little Village are a small organisation doing great things. By providing second-hand baby clothes and equipment to families experiencing hardship, they aim to ensure that no child in London starts life without the essentials. We're excited to support Little Village, and encourage you to support them too.

We're celebrating all things Kotlin

Celebrating all things Kotlin in honour of our Android team (who really love it). We've been using Kotlin as our language of choice for the prototype of our internet performance app for Android. Kotlin suits our needs because it allows us to rapidly model, build, and release our applications, and much more. We couldn't recommend it highly enough!

SamKnows sponsors the London Vue Conference

We’re excited to sponsor this September’s Vue conference in London, running 20th - 21st. Come and join us at the SamKnows stand on the 21st — we’d love to talk to you about our upcoming projects and celebrate all things Vue! Vue is integral to what we do because it’s the main driving force behind our flagship, SamKnows One.

Wondering who we are? Meet the Sammies

Wondering who we are? Meet the Sammies.

We asked the Sammies a bunch of questions about what it's like to work at SamKnows. Learn more about what we do, why we do it, and what they had to say… And if you spot one of our job openings, we'd love to hear from you! With offices in the UK and USA, we're a company with a global reach and international reputation.